Explore Apps to Enhance Customer Service

The future of the hospitality industry is right at guests’ fingertips. It is no secret that technology has changed the landscape of customer service for hotels and resorts. Guests now expect rapid-fire responses without leaving their quarters. A growing demand for enhancements and accommodations must be kept up with or hotels may lose business. Explore digital options to remain competitive and get more personal with guests for positive word-of-mouth marketing and beyond.

Customized services

Repeat guests are the goal for every accommodation and concierge services play a pivotal role in addressing the need for customized services. Hotels must exceed expectations to remain relevant. Hotels should harness technology to intuitively understand guests’ needs and deliver them at their comfort and convenience. While some may fear apps might replace staff and the like, it allows for stronger human contact. When guests send in requests, they will welcome a real person who has met their needs without asking in person. It also reduces the risk of miscommunication and increases friendlier interactions.

Available information

Whereas a decade ago every hotel had to have a website, an app is the new must-have. These digital wonders allow for information and services to be readily available anywhere the guest is. They can skip checking in or out, scroll through room service menus, book spa treatments or even review emergency exits. Content can be easily updated via web-based content management tools, so make sure to do so regularly and to create content guests will want to share with their loved ones. Apps can be customized with a hotel’s brand and design. Choose your colors and slogan and display them prominently on the app.

Convenience factors

Hotels can send notifications regarding exclusive deals, loyalty programs and service offers for those currently on the property. Apps also allow hotels to increase the convenience factor. For example, having conferences can be stressful but an app can deliver itineraries to hosts as well as attendees. Speakers can request water refills or help with their PowerPoints without interruption. Those who are more inclined toward pampering will appreciate reminders for their spa appointments and to the ability to send requests for extra towels or extended time in the massage room.

Harness the future to make guests happier in the now.

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