Dream Bigger with Guest Supply

Guest Supply is capable of manufacturing anything a customer’s imagination can create. We understand that long before an order is placed, the needs of the individual hotel, their particular guests, and any specific chain standards are being taken into careful consideration. That is why we specialize in creating exceptional products, from personal care amenities to bed and bath linens to complete custom-branded programs, all guaranteed to enhance a hotel’s reputation and improve the guest experience. Our in-house design specialists craft superior products that ensure a high-quality, at-home experience for pampering guests.

Innovation is a crucial aspect of Guest Supply’s development process. The resulting eco-conscious products have a long life and are cost-effective. Aided with state-of-the-art equipment and a team of design experts on site, Guest Supply offers an extensive selection of amenities, textiles and room accessories. Whether placing a small order for a boutique property or a large purchase for a chain brand, customers can count on us to produce exactly what they need throughout every category.

Guest Supply has the capability to produce custom orders of any volume at high speeds for competitive global markets. Flexible operations allow for adaptability to accommodate the evolving needs of every customer. These manufacturing controls guarantee superior quality and design — from sourcing raw materials to testing finished goods, Guest Supply has direct control over every part of the process. By working with the right partners, a system of strict checks and balances maintain quality control, resulting in operational efficiencies, but even more importantly, better-performing and longer-lasting products.

Guest Supply is committed to providing solutions that exceed the standards of our customers and their guests. Contact your sales rep if you’re interested in learning more about our manufacturing capabilities.

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