Partner with Guest Supply & Keystone to Help Optimize Labor and Keep Spaces Clean

  Cleaning is a core part of your business, one that requires a combination of chemistry and expertise to help you reach your business potential. Ecolab and Guest Supply are ready to help you optimize your cleaning operations and manage your bottom-line potential as you work to overcome labor challenges and adapt to this new [...]

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Avoid Costly Wall Repairs

Each day your hotel’s staff works hard to ensure guests are satisfied throughout their stay. From keeping corridors and common areas sparkling clean to turning over each bed with freshly laundered sheets, housekeeping and maintenance members work tirelessly to keep the hotel looking its best. With more amenities now being included in each guestroom, it [...]

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Extended Stay Kitchen Appliances

Are guests staying a while? Whether for long-term business or holiday, travelers desire the feeling of home when they are not able to be there. Small comforts like having a coffee maker and refrigerator for cream are more convenient than guests calling room service or venturing into the lobby for a cup of joe every [...]

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Products to Make Your Hotel ADA Compliant

Accessibility is a unique challenge for those who have outfitted their homes with accommodations and modifications that may not be readily available while traveling. Beyond location and price, quite a few guests have accessibility concerns. These can include reaching the bed or sink, knowing when the phone rings, feeling safe and being treated with dignity. [...]

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Dream Bigger with Guest Supply

Guest Supply is capable of manufacturing anything a customer’s imagination can create. We understand that long before an order is placed, the needs of the individual hotel, their particular guests, and any specific chain standards are being taken into careful consideration. That is why we specialize in creating exceptional products, from personal care amenities to [...]

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From Welcome to Goodbye, Impress Guests with a Revamped Lobby

Lobbies are no longer just spaces for checking in and out of a property. The current trend is to provide an experience that appeals to travelers and local visitors alike. The addition of art, expanded seating and social gathering areas, complete with updated technology and entertainment, help take hotel lobbies to the next level. Make [...]

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Give Guests an Oasis of Calm

Modern guests expect top-notch services and amenities to maintain their investment in wellness. Their lifestyles demand adequate exercise, sleep and nutrition. Hotels can tap into this need to boost profits and give guests a retreat from their daily lives. Learn how Guest Supply can help your hotel pick up and carry the wellness torch. Aromatherapeutic [...]

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Make Travel Pet Friendly

More than any other time in history, pets are treated as valued members of the family. A survey by the American Hotel & Lodging Association found that 51 percent of U.S. hotels allow pets, and Trip Advisor found that 53 percent of 1,100 participants travel with their pets. Of those, 52 percent will only consider [...]

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Promote a Restful Sleep Experience

Hotels are placing more emphasis than ever on ensuring a restful experience for their guests, whether the property caters to the luxury traveler or those sticking to a budget. After all, there is no better way to ensure a memorable experience than by providing something we all desperately want and need – a good night’s [...]

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Spring Your Outdoor Furniture

Spring is in the air! The return of greenery and singing birds means hotels must match the atmosphere inside the hotel to the spaces outside.  After a particularly harsh winter, guests want to enjoy the outdoors and explore fresh air spaces as extensions of their hotel rooms. Time to re-invest in your outdoor furniture [...]

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