Promote a Restful Sleep Experience

Hotels are placing more emphasis than ever on ensuring a restful experience for their guests, whether the property caters to the luxury traveler or those sticking to a budget. After all, there is no better way to ensure a memorable experience than by providing something we all desperately want and need – a good night’s sleep!

Whether they are a late arrival or a conference attendee, guests want to be able to unwind from their travels and sleep soundly. We have found the following tips should do the trick.

Herbal teas and the right kind of noise
Traveling can wreak havoc on digestive systems and circadian rhythms. Chamomile and valerian teas are believed to have calming properties to help with these common nuisances. Explore our wide assortment of herbal teas in K-Cups and tea bags to soothe nerves and signal to the brain that it is time to wind down. To add to this peaceful experience, any of our three sound machines – Dohm, Zohne and Conair® Serene – generate white noise or nature sounds. According to Popular Science, noise is not what wakes us up or prevents us from falling asleep – it is the inconsistency of the sounds that do so. These machines will keep noise levels steady for restful sleep.

Cozy bedding
Throughout a day of traveling or doing business, the thought of a cozy bed can keep a guest going until they close their door for the night. Hotels must make comfort their top priority with bed accessories. Guest Supply has mattress toppers that offer the perfect combination of comfort and protection, while also mimicking that perfect feather bed experience that will have guests coming back again and again. Featuring a variety of fills and designs, each one is guaranteed to provide a solid foundation for your guests’ dreams alongside any of our exceptionally comfortable mattresses. Equally important in creating a memorable night’s sleep are the linens on the bed. There is nothing like pulling back a crisp, cool comforter and sliding into beautiful, silky white sheets at the end of a long day. And don’t forget the pillows — explore options that support the neck and ease tension from the day. Blackout curtains are also a great way to block light and drafts, allowing guests to fall asleep and stay asleep.

A quieter room
Some guests need a nightlight while others bolt upright at the slightest creep of light. Guest Supply offers an ultra-comfortable black cotton eye mask that demonstrates your dedication to providing a truly restful experience for your guests.  Either used with the eye mask or alone, a pair of disposable foam ear plugs will also allow guests to block out pronounced or inconsistent noises. These buds fit inside the ear comfortably, offering flexibility and softness. Likewise, a spritz of aromatherapy courtesy of thisworks® Pillow Spray blends lavender, vetivert and chamomile to soothe guests and take their sleep to the next level.

Anticipate and deliver on every guest’s needs with Guest Supply.

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