Maintenance, Repair and Operations Solution

Streamline your property's products and services with maintenance, repairs and operations solutions through Guest Supply. With more than 40 years of experience, Guest Supply is a global industry leader in full-spectrum solutions™. From repair items such as plumbing parts and hand tools to general operational needs like janitorial supplies and maintenance equipment, Guest Supply offers its clients [...]

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How to Train Your Staff to Stop Bedbugs in Their Tracks

It’s an unpleasant fact (and an even worse problem to deal with): the threat of bedbugs is here to stay. Even though shocking headlines about bedbugs in hotels aren’t plaguing the news these days, according to recent studies, infestations continue to rise nationwide. Now is not the time to let your guard down, but [...]

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Why Looks Matter When it Comes to Amenities

You can’t judge a book based on its cover, but what about shampoo? The packaging designs of amenity products directly affect the way a consumer feels about those products. When you place an amenity product in your hotel, your guests will associate their feelings about that product with their feelings about your hotel. It’s [...]

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Why You Should Care What’s in the Furniture You’re Buying

When researching in-room furniture options, chances are you’ve come across terms like “melamine” or “veneer” and acronyms like TFL or HPL. These FF&E industry terms help identify the materials used in beds, sideboards, and other casegoods furniture made for commercial purposes. For hoteliers, it’s helpful to know what materials the products you’re purchasing are [...]

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Hotel Cleanliness Ensures Guest Loyalty

Simple strategies for ensuring guest satisfaction It goes without saying that for guests, nothing is more important than a clean room. And for hoteliers, when the topic of cleanliness comes up, housekeeping is likely top of mind. Aside from good housekeeping practices, there are many other subtle factors that affect how “clean” a room [...]

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