Every Detail Counts: Roll in the Compliments with Paper Products That Make a Difference

From toilet paper to facial tissue, luxury is in the details. Guests judge hotels by the quality of their paper products, and they want a VIP experience. Hotels must distinguish themselves in every detail because many guests are willing to go online to express their disappointment if a spa-like retreat does not happen. According to [...]

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Your Full-Spectrum Hotel Solutions Partner

Established in 2006, Guest Supply’s furniture, fixtures and equipment division (FF&E) is an industry leader in procurement. In partnership with top domestic management companies, we build and maintain relationships via a direct, upfront approach to pricing and project management that is transparent, financially stable and unrivaled. Guest Supply offers the largest sales team in the [...]

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Changing the World Together

Coffee, a morning essential for most guests, is capable of doing bigger things. Collaboration not only fuels growth in the industry, but it also changes the world. In that spirit, Guest Supply and Safai have paired up to offer the world’s finest handcrafted single-origin coffees to valued customers. In order to provide the finest quality [...]

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Go Green and Get Sustainable

Learn how to go green while also enhancing the guest experience. At Guest Supply, we have committed to going green with a pledge to use renewable and sustainable sources in all of our textile manufacturing, with a particular emphasis on terry.  Towels can sometimes have a negative environmental impact, but there are ways to [...]

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Why You Should Care What’s in the Furniture You’re Buying

When researching in-room furniture options, chances are you’ve come across terms like “melamine” or “veneer” and acronyms like TFL or HPL. These FF&E industry terms help identify the materials used in beds, sideboards, and other casegoods furniture made for commercial purposes. For hoteliers, it’s helpful to know what materials the products you’re purchasing are [...]

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Hotel Cleanliness Ensures Guest Loyalty

Simple strategies for ensuring guest satisfaction It goes without saying that for guests, nothing is more important than a clean room. And for hoteliers, when the topic of cleanliness comes up, housekeeping is likely top of mind. Aside from good housekeeping practices, there are many other subtle factors that affect how “clean” a room [...]

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