Go Green and Get Sustainable

Learn how to go green while also enhancing the guest experience. At Guest Supply, we have committed to going green with a pledge to use renewable and sustainable sources in all of our textile manufacturing, with a particular emphasis on terry.  Towels can sometimes have a negative environmental impact, but there are ways to reduce harm with green initiatives. For instance, during the laundering process, certain chemicals and laundry equipment can be harmful if not paired with an ozone laundry system.  Towel reuse programs are a great alternative, but the choice of towel is critical — how it is made and where it comes from matters greatly, as well as whether it will truly lower laundry-related costs each year. Read on to discover textile options that reduce your carbon, chemical, and water footprint.

At Guest Supply, we are proud to be one of the top suppliers and manufacturers of textiles for the hospitality industry. We have also been a long-time advocate for green environmental practices and require the same commitment from our partners. In order to work with us, they must meet international standards on environmental practices as well as be proponents of developing green processes in their own businesses too.

In our work with the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI), we have focused on training for farmers to practice environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable production. The result has been increased yield for the farmers in addition to more environmentally-friendly end products.

With a goal of reducing the carbon footprint of a towel, Guest Supply is at the forefront of industry practices with our focus on innovation.

Reduce your carbon footprint and save the environment, one towel at a time.

At Guest Supply, we honor our commitment to renewable and sustainable resources. Speak with a member of our sales team to discuss additional ways to reduce your property’s carbon footprint.

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