Roloff Stools: Accommodate every guest

If you knew guests were standing on overturned wastebaskets to brush their teeth at the sink or finding the bed so high they had to sleep on the floor, what would you do? Many hotels are not even aware of the issues differently abled guests experience when traveling for work or pleasure. Those of profoundly short stature have challenges pertaining to reaching, which can make pushing buttons in the elevator or getting the television remote a potentially dangerous situation. Hotels need to be aware of these challenges and offer accommodations.

Accessibility is a unique challenge for those who have outfitted their homes with accommodations and modifications that may not be readily available while traveling. From arthritis sufferers to those born with dwarfism, well-built stools such as the Roloff Stool allow for great adventures via easier, safer travel. These stools allow the user to accomplish daily tasks such as showering and locking the door with grace and ease.

Maneuvering hotel rooms safely is a major concern and for some, a limitation. Carrying or shipping a stool or other accessibility tools can create convenience issues that go beyond impractical reaching and astronomical shipping fees.

Roloff Stools allow guests to hang up clothes in closets of standard size, adjust room temperatures, make coffee in their rooms, get in and out of bed with ease, and most importantly, lock their doors.

Investing in this tool of comfort and peace of mind is not just for vertically challenged guests. Those with degenerative and debilitating diseases, limited mobility, and young children will also benefit.

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