Box Spring Cover Solutions – We’ve got you Covered

Introducing CinchSkirt bed wraps - the no-sag, tight-fitting box spring covers. Designed to be installed by one person without lifting the mattress, these bed wraps feature stretch fabrics to provide a tight fit and 3-sided fabric construction with returns around the back for easy installation. No lifting of the mattress to meet CAL-OSHA standards. Fits [...]

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Laundering Contaminated Textiles

In support of our customer community and keeping their employees and customers safe and healthy, Guest Supply's manufacturing partner Manchester Mills created the following guidelines on laundering contaminated linens. During these circumstances, it is important to care for your linens properly to ensure they are clean and do not get damaged. As per CDC guidelines, here [...]

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Implementing a Linen and Towel Reuse Program

During a time when concerns over global warming issues are growing, more people are trying to live more sustainable lifestyles and make positive environmental changes. It is especially important for large brands to show their concern and act as leaders in their communities by showing guests that they too are implementing strategies to reduce their [...]

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The Luxury of High-Quality Sleep

Restful nights are essential to productive days. Better sheets mean improved sleep and Prima Microfiber Bed Linens provide guests with sweeter dreams. These 100% microfiber sheets are composed of intricately woven fibers that are comfortable, smooth and durable at a reasonable cost.  These products last longer and process less expensively than conventional bed linens. Product advantages [...]

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Craft a Signature Sleep Experience with Innovative Linens

Before the 1990s, hotel linens came in a spectrum of colors. This was done to save staff time and the property money by being more “manageable”. White sheets and blankets were to be avoided at all costs. The fear was they would get soiled too easily and end up costing the property money. However, once [...]

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Be in the Know with Guest Supply

The hospitality industry evolves so rapidly that hotels must be in the know with trends and innovations to stay relevant. Last week at Guest Supply’s North American Supplier Convention, territory managers were brought together with suppliers to gain insights into the trends across all categories and receive in-depth product education.  Here’s a look at some [...]

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Go Green and Get Sustainable

Learn how to go green while also enhancing the guest experience. At Guest Supply, we have committed to going green with a pledge to use renewable and sustainable sources in all of our textile manufacturing, with a particular emphasis on terry.  Towels can sometimes have a negative environmental impact, but there are ways to [...]

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How to Train Your Staff to Stop Bedbugs in Their Tracks

It’s an unpleasant fact (and an even worse problem to deal with): the threat of bedbugs is here to stay. Even though shocking headlines about bedbugs in hotels aren’t plaguing the news these days, according to recent studies, infestations continue to rise nationwide. Now is not the time to let your guard down, but [...]

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How Your Hotel Can Go Green & Save with Ecofriendly Textiles

Going green is on every hotelier’s mind these days, and for many good reasons. Reducing waste is, without a doubt, beneficial to the environment, but it can also be greatly beneficial to your hotel’s bottom line, too. When your guests and staff are aware of your conservation efforts, you’ll likely increase affinity for your [...]

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