How Your Hotel Can Go Green & Save with Ecofriendly Textiles

Going green is on every hotelier’s mind these days, and for many good reasons. Reducing waste is, without a doubt, beneficial to the environment, but it can also be greatly beneficial to your hotel’s bottom line, too. When your guests and staff are aware of your conservation efforts, you’ll likely increase affinity for your hotel and your brand.

The easiest way to lessen your hotel’s environmental impact is to stock renewable and recycled textiles. At Guest Supply, we carry a large selection of sustainable textiles, and we also focus much of our innovation efforts around creating environmentally friendly items.

TemperLoft™ is a great example, and is a technology that’s available only through Guest Supply, offering hybrid pillows and comforters engineered exclusively for the hospitality industry. Filled with a unique blend of natural down and recycled polyester fibers, they offer unparalleled advantages to both hoteliers and guests, including increased breathability and a 50% reduction in dry time. With TemperLoft, you’ll save on operating costs while simultaneously increasing guest satisfaction.

You can also look for the Guest Ready™ labels on Guest Supply textiles. These products can be taken directly from the carton and put into a guestroom without laundering. This solution enhances productivity and results in significant savings in both processing and labor costs.

To learn more about all of our environmentally friendly textiles innovations, or for help going green, contact your sales rep today.

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