Happy National Coffee Day From Guest Supply!

  Coffee consumption has soared in recent years, with 66% of Americans drinking coffee every day. That’s more than any other beverage…including tap water! Not only is coffee beloved by people worldwide, it also comes with health benefits including increased energy levels and protection against chronic disease. Make sure your guest rooms, breakfast areas, and [...]

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Millennials and Travel: Experiences Over Material Possessions

Most people around the world categorize travel as a luxury expense, however for millennials, it’s part of their identity. Research shows that millennials travel at an average of 35 days a year, more than any other generation. This age group places travel above spending money on luxury items, fostering better relationships with friends and family, [...]

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Create a Strong Brand Style That Extends to the Shower

The power of the shower experience for guests is one you should never overlook. It is a perfect time to make a personal impression by using great style and innovation in your shower curtain selection. This is why Guest Supply is proud to provide Nexline private label shower curtains for our independent and non-hospitality partners [...]

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