Keep Your Property Safe & Accessible with Touch-Free Public Restroom Solutions

Safety and cleanliness are top of mind for every guest now more than ever. In commercial spaces, bathrooms tend to collect viruses and bacteria more than other parts which means employees and visitors can spread germs when flushing the toilet or washing their hands. To help keep your property safe, Guest Supply offers convenient solutions [...]

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Simplify Your Plumbing Projects with Reliable Fixtures and Accessories from Guest Supply

Guest Supply has everything you need to update, upgrade or install a new plumbing system at your property. From fixtures including faucets, toilets, showerheads and sinks to drain cleaning and plumbing repair products, access all the industrial plumbing supply parts you need with our top-rated products and brands.   BATH & KITCHEN FAUCETS [...]

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Touch-Free Solutions: Give Your Guests the Confidence to Return

As occupancy rates return to normal, ensure your guests are secure by maintaining a touch-free environment for many spaces around the hotel. This guide will provide a listing of touch-free items needed to accommodate new sanitary restrictions, as properties prepare for re-openings.  Touchless hygiene with jam-free performance and zero waste design for state-of-the-art dispensing. Whisper Quiet dispensing [...]

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