Touch-Free Solutions: Give Your Guests the Confidence to Return

As occupancy rates return to normal, ensure your guests are secure by maintaining a touch-free environment for many spaces around the hotel. This guide will provide a listing of touch-free items needed to accommodate new sanitary restrictions, as properties prepare for re-openings. 

Touchless hygiene with jam-free performance and zero waste design for state-of-the-art dispensing. Whisper Quiet dispensing and sleek design provide a premium experience enMotion products deliver 97% customer satisfaction, thanks to their dependability, hygiene and efficiency.



  • Reduce touchpoints for contamination free dispensing
  • Takes bulk refills
  • Pedal activated dispenser is 100% mechanical, no batteries included
  • Universal bottle fit from 8oz to 33oz



Bathrooms tend to collect viruses and bacteria more than other parts of a commercial building. Employees and visitors often spread germs when flushing the toilet or washing their hands. Touchless faucets and flush valves provide a healthier environment by limiting common touch points making it much harder to pass germs from visitor to visitor, while also increasing the efficiency of your bathrooms by reducing waste through efficient water flow.


*Please note that due to high demand, inventory can fluctuate.

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