Top 5 Ways to Revamp Your Outdoor Spaces For Spring

Spring Break marks the beginning of busy season for hotels and resorts as travelers look for the perfect getaway. As the weather warms up, your outdoor spaces might become the heart of the guest experience, so it’s essential to upgrade outdoor entertainment areas, pool decks, and dining spaces to create a comfortable and inviting atmosphere. [...]

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How to Create the Perfect Valentine’s Day Getaway

Valentine's Day isn't just a day of love; it's a golden opportunity for your hotel to craft an unforgettable experience for guests on a romantic getaway. With the right touches, such as elegant wine glasses, gourmet chocolates, luxurious robes, or soft slippers, you can create an ambiance that speaks directly to the heart. Guest Supply [...]

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Trends in Hotel Design That are Easy to Implement

Hotel design and the guest experience go hand in hand. Keeping up with trends in technology, design, traveler preference, and sustainability helps drive uniqueness and relevance to your hotel. Showcasing nature, local art, or community is a great example of how to make your brand stand out to guests. Read our tips for keeping up [...]

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5 Ways to Create a More Personalized Experience for Hotel Guests

. In our line of business, we aim to achieve excellent customer service and a memorable guest experience. We smile for guests, assist with questions or requests, and make sure everyone is comfortable. But sometimes, that’s not enough. How can your hotel take it a step further so that your hospitality experience is memorable? And [...]

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Elevate the Guest Experience while Optimizing your Housekeeping Operations

  Take your property to the next level with the Designer Series by Royal Basket Trucks®. The complete Designer Series is elegantly designed for additional storage and collecting while maintaining a professional appeal for your guests and staff. Plus, you’ll optimize your housekeeping operations when closests are far away or non-existent.   Designer Storage Carts [...]

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Partner with Guest Supply & Keystone to Help Optimize Labor and Keep Spaces Clean

  Cleaning is a core part of your business, one that requires a combination of chemistry and expertise to help you reach your business potential. Ecolab and Guest Supply are ready to help you optimize your cleaning operations and manage your bottom-line potential as you work to overcome labor challenges and adapt to this new [...]

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