5 Ways to Create a More Personalized Experience for Hotel Guests


In our line of business, we aim to achieve excellent customer service and a memorable guest experience. We smile for guests, assist with questions or requests, and make sure everyone is comfortable. But sometimes, that’s not enough. How can your hotel take it a step further so that your hospitality experience is memorable? And in turn, gain a loyal customer who may tell their friends and family about your hotel? 

Personalize the guest experience. 

A study found that 80% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase when brands offer a personalized experience. Identify how to offer value in a unique way that separates you from the competition. Time to get creative — here are 5 ways to incorporate a more personalized experience for guests.

1. Create a pet-friendly or kid-friendly experience for your hotel

Adults traveling with kids or pets are looking for all-around ease of travel — and that comes down to the hotel’s amenities and features. Offering kid-friendly in-room amenities such as a child-size bathrobe or a gift bag with a coloring book and crayons creates a more memorable experience. 

Pet-friendly amenities including waste bag capsules, pet-friendly wipes, dog treats, pet beds, lint rollers, and water bowls let guests know that your hotel cares. (As for extra hotel cleaning needs, stock up on deodorizers, air fresheners, and pet sanitation stations!) Supplying your hotel with pet-friendly or kid-friendly amenities will be invaluable to guests. 

2. Share insider tips about the surrounding neighborhood 

A research study found that 70% of global travelers would like hotels to provide more advice and tips about unique things to do. Guests who are traveling for leisure are curious about the destination. Where should they eat? Are there museums nearby? What’s the best way to get around? 

Create a branded insider guide to your hotel’s city or neighborhood so that guests feel comfortable with their surroundings. It can be in the form of a digital experience within your app, through an email campaign, as a virtual concierge service, or as a printed pamphlet in the room. Use this as an opportunity for your brand and employees to connect with guests on a personal level. 

3. Consider a virtual concierge service 

If you really want to double down on the personalized guest experience, consider implementing optimized technology. A virtual concierge is a type of artificial intelligence that can help create a more personalized and conversational communication channel for your hotel. 

Certain programs, like chatbots, allow you to fill the automated software with conversation flows, guest profiles, messaging, and local knowledge. It can even be trained to accept room service orders, maintenance requests, or turndown service. Better yet, give the virtual concierge a fun avatar or memorable name. This could sit well with younger guests who might rather engage in a quick chat than a phone call or email. 

4. Inspire a more enjoyable business travel experience

When guests travel for business, they’re looking for a no-fuss, quiet, and comfortable stay. But that doesn’t mean the little things won’t go unnoticed. When a guest is traveling for business, suggest quiet areas within the hotel or nearby cafes or coworking offices where they can work in peace. 

When you know a guest is traveling for business, offer a free upgrade to faster wifi or hand out happy hour vouchers for the hotel bar. Small gestures like that can make business travel just a little bit more enjoyable. And in turn, they might consider your hotel for the next (often frequent) work trip in the neighborhood.  

5. Curate the guest experience with luxury products

Guest Supply can help you create a memorable guest experience by offering elegant products and custom creations tailored to suit your hotel needs. After all, quality is the cornerstone of exceptional experiences; detail, craftsmanship, and high standards will be appreciated by the upscale guest. 

Consider the rich textures of Manchester Mills, the decadent aromas of Archipelago Botanicals, or the pampering characteristics of Gilchrist & Soames amenities. Guests are sure to bask in the glow of the high-quality products you provide.

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