How To Make Travel A Kid-Friendly Experience At Your Hotel

From a guest’s point of view, traveling as a family is a totally different experience than traveling with a partner or a group of friends. Travel might even be considered a headache for some families with kids under 12 years old. But oftentimes, the desire to get away trumps the hassle of traveling with kids. And so, vacation-keen parents search for hotels that offer a kid-friendly experience. 

Parents traveling with kids are looking for all-around ease of travel — and that comes down to the hotel’s amenities and features. Family travel statistics show that, for 95% of travelers, the main priority when booking a holiday is to find a place where everyone will be entertained and happy. This is supported by a survey response in which 70% of families say that amenities for children is an important factor when making decisions and gives reason to why 60% of families stay in hotels where there may be more amenities available, according to 2020-2021 Family Travel Statistics published by Condor Ferries 

With that in mind, consider these tips to turn your hotel into a kid-friendly experience. 

Provide Baby Essentials 

Traveling with a baby is a ground-breaking task for new parents. And a hotel that provides amenities to make their overall stay a comfortable experience is already miles ahead of the competition. So what can you do to attract parents traveling with babies and infants?  

Stock up on and offer items that may come in handy to a family with a baby. For instance, changing tables, sound machines, baby wipes, baby blankets, and bed rails (all offered by Guest Supply) can make a world of difference for a parent who may have limited storage space as they fly, drive, or train to their destination.  

Add Pet-Friendly Policies 

Some folks plan a vacation for the whole family. And that includes pets. A survey by the American Hotel & Lodging Association found that 51% of U.S. hotels allow pets, and Trip Advisor found that 53% of 1,100 participants travel with their pets. Not only are parents searching for a kid-friendly hotel, but also a pet-friendly hotel. 

Appeal to the whole family by offering pet-friendly amenities including waste bag capsules, pet-friendly wipes, dog treats, pet beds, lint rollers, water bowls, and more. As for extra cleaning needs, stock up on deodorizers, air fresheners, and pet sanitation stations. Supplying your hotel with pet-friendly amenities will be invaluable to guests. 

Stock The Guest Shop with Basic Necessities  

Make it easy for your guests to find what they need by supplying your onsite shop with diapers, wipes, sunscreen, baby powder, snacks, children’s medicine, and more. It makes a world of difference to have these items available to guests, so they don’t have to run an errand during vacation. Even if your hotel doesn’t have a guest store, it’s convenient to have these items on hand for sale behind the front desk. So when the guests ask if the hotel has diapers, your front-of-house staff is ready to accommodate. 

Offer Kid-friendly In-room Amenities 

Guests notice the little things, and that may include how their hotel room incorporates amenities for children. It doesn’t have to be anything complicated, but a child-size bathrobe in the closet or a gift bag with a coloring book and crayons creates a more memorable experience.   

Another guest room perk is being able to log into streaming accounts such as Disney+, Netflix, or Hulu on the television. This provides access to their children’s favorite shows and movies, alleviating pressure to find something appropriate and entertaining on cable TV.  

Make Onsite Educational Activities Available for Kids 

Childcare options at hotels are a luxury. If your property has the resources to offer a kids club or special educational events, then it may be worth the investment for parents who crave time for themselves. Offering complimentary kid-friendly activities could be a selling point for families — whether that’s a movie night, story time, arts and crafts, treasure hunt, game room, or nature walk.  

Guest Supply offers kid-friendly items in stock to improve your overall hotel experience. Creating a family-friendly atmosphere is invaluable to guests searching for specific hotel amenities and features. Shop baby and childcare products today.

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