Top 5 Ways to Revamp Your Outdoor Spaces For Spring

Spring Break marks the beginning of busy season for hotels and resorts as travelers look for the perfect getaway. As the weather warms up, your outdoor spaces might become the heart of the guest experience, so it’s essential to upgrade outdoor entertainment areas, pool decks, and dining spaces to create a comfortable and inviting atmosphere. Guest Supply is your partner for transforming any outdoor space into a desirable, all-weather haven. Here are five ways to revamp your outdoor areas for an unforgettable Spring Break.

1. Plush Pool & Beach Towels

When your guests step out of the pool, the first thing they might do is wrap themselves in a towel. So it might as well be a big, plush towel for their comfort. Guest Supply offers absorbent, soft pool towels that not only offer comfort but also add a splash of color to your pool deck. Available in a variety of colors and ready to ship, these towels ensure a seamless, upscale poolside experience that guests will appreciate. The right towel can turn a simple swim into a luxurious experience, encouraging guests to relax longer and enjoy the sunny days of Spring Break to their fullest.

2. Tower Heaters

As the sun sets and the evening chill sets in, a 7-foot-tall tower heater becomes the hero of the night. These elegant heaters not only provide warmth, ensuring guests can enjoy the outdoors comfortably but also add a touch of illumination to your outdoor spaces. This combination of coziness and ambiance encourages guests to gather, share stories, and enjoy the evening atmosphere, enhancing their overall experience and satisfaction.

3. Fire Pits

A 40,000 BTU fire pit serves as a warm focal point and a gathering spot for guests. There’s no doubt that fire pits create an inviting ambiance that can transform any outdoor living space into a cozy retreat. Whether it’s roasting marshmallows, enjoying a glass of wine, or simply relaxing by the fire, a fire pit adds a memorable element to guest experiences (no matter the time of year).

4. Weather-Resistant Televisions

Upgrade your outdoor entertainment offerings with Guest Supply’s range of weather-rated, maintenance-free televisions. Built to withstand the elements, these TVs ensure that your guests don’t miss their favorite sports or entertainment, even while lounging poolside or dining al fresco. This modern amenity adds significant value to guest experiences, allowing for seamless entertainment options in the beauty of your outdoor settings.

5. Entertainment Bars

No Spring Break is complete without the perfect drink in hand. Guest Supply offers an entertainment bar and outdoor stools to enhance your outdoor bar service. The bar is designed to cater to the game day crowd, the sun-soaked pool-goers, and everyone in between. Offering plenty of extra bar and seating space means your guests can enjoy their favorite drinks without the wait, making their holiday experience even more enjoyable. Updating your outdoor spaces with these key enhancements from Guest Supply not only prepares your hotel for Spring Break but also sets the stage for a successful summer season. By focusing on comfort, convenience, and entertainment, you can create an outdoor experience that guests will remember and return to year after year. Contact your Guest Supply Sales Consultant today for assistance preparing your hotel for peak travel season.

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