How to Create Sustainability Messaging for Guests


The most recent research from gathered insights from more than 29,000 travelers across 30 countries. According to the findings, 83% of global respondents think sustainable travel is vital, with 61% saying the pandemic made them want to travel more sustainably in the future. And 53% admitted they get annoyed if the accommodation stops them from being sustainable. 

It’s valuable for your hotel to display and share third-party sustainability certifications or details about impactful practices across your property, website, and social media. We already know how to become a pioneer in sustainable hotel practices (Guest Supply offers a whole range of eco-friendly products), but how do you effectively let your guests know that your property is said, pioneer?

Read our tips for building and sharing sustainability messaging around your hotel brand.

Go Digital 

Guests who actively practice sustainability will notice print materials in a room the moment they walk through the door. Swap print materials (room service menus, TV guides, phonebooks, magazines, etc) for a digital guest room experience. Display a welcome message on the TV or tablet that lets guests know how your hotel brand is implementing eco-friendly practices, and that starts with going digital. The more transparent you are, the more trust your brand will build with guests.

Share Ingredient Transparency

Speaking of transparency, if your property hosts an onsite restaurant or complimentary breakfast buffet, consider educating your guests about where the food comes from. For instance, add a snippet on the menu about where a particular dish is sourced. Are the vegetables from a local farmer? Is your menu seasonal? Is the seafood sourced from sustainable fishing methods? Let your guests know! 

Even with a breakfast buffet – which typically offers brand-name products – sneak in some fruit that’s from a local citrus grove or eggs from a free-range farm. Your guests will appreciate the transparency of where the food is coming from and, in turn, associate your hotel brand with sustainability and trustworthiness. 

Provide Details on Food Waste Management

Food waste management within the hospitality industry is a sore spot. Consider adding a statement at the bottom of your menu to let guests know about your property’s actions toward reducing food waste. Does your restaurant repurpose food into compost? Or donate excess food? Is your staff trained ​​in best practices on food waste management? 

Share across platforms (social media, website, property signs, etc) how your hotel is involved in tackling food waste. Minimizing food waste not only cuts costs and saves money but also improves your profile as a sustainable brand. 

Offer Calls to Action

As a property that is implementing sustainable practices, addressing water, energy, or plastic use is critical. Your hotel can do its part by creating a water/energy/recycle management plan, but guests are also accountable for their efforts. 

Offer clear instructions or calls to action within each guest room. At the water faucet, add an amicable sign that reminds guests to turn off the tap while brushing their teeth to save up to four gallons of water. Add a friendly note on the door to turn off the lights upon exiting. Install extra hooks or racks in the bathroom to invite guests to reuse towels. Most importantly, thank your guests for being role models and for helping your brand reach its sustainability goals.  

Share Eco-Friendly Itineraries

Guests who are actively seeking a sustainable hotel experience will appreciate your brand’s effort to encourage environmental responsibility outside of the property. For example, provide guests with directions via biking or walking routes. Take it one step further by offering eco-tourism itineraries that may include nature walks, dining at farm-to-table restaurants, or environmentally friendly tours. 

As a brand, you have the opportunity to be a leader or role model for guests to practice sustainability. Guest Supply proactively partners with manufacturers, in all product categories, who focus on environmental responsibility. Explore our range of sustainable products to boost your brand’s message and practice in protecting the environment.

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