Trends in Hotel Design That are Easy to Implement

Hotel design and the guest experience go hand in hand. Keeping up with trends in technology, design, traveler preference, and sustainability helps drive uniqueness and relevance to your hotel. Showcasing nature, local art, or community is a great example of how to make your brand stand out to guests. Read our tips for keeping up with trends in hotel design or amenities. 

Embrace Local

When guests immerse themselves in a new or repeat destination, it starts with the hotel. Where possible, try to add local elements to the interior design or by offering perks. For instance, hand out city guides, hang local art, add a cultural theme, or provide complimentary snacks/beverages from the bakery around the corner. Guests will appreciate the effort to support the community and its artists or small businesses. If your property can contribute to the guest’s positive experience with a destination, then it increases the chance that they might stay with your hotel again. 

Add Pet-Friendly Amenities

Pet travel is a huge part of the industry. A 2021 survey found that 53% of travelers take their pets on vacation, so pet-friendly accommodation — whether that’s incorporated through design or amenities — is a growing industry trend. If your hotel is pet-friendly, make sure that perk is seamlessly factored into design elements. That could be adding colorful jars of dog treats at elevator banks, creating a digital screen showcasing UGC of guests with pets in the hotel, or hiring a local artist to paint an animal mural. Guest Supply offers pet-friendly supplies such as waste disposal stations, pet-friendly wipes, dog treats, pet beds, lint rollers, and water bowls that go a long way with guests.

Design a Communal Lobby

The hotel lobby has always been the first impression and a welcoming statement. But now, lobbies are becoming bigger and more communal. Trends in hotel lobbies include adding podcast booths, factoring in a cafe, adding stylish furniture for reading, or even letting technology handle the check-in process. These days, lobbies that are equipped with a quiet coworking space gain a competitive edge as more travelers work remotely. 

Go Green

Bring the outdoors inside with lush green plants, big windows, and bright spaces. Adding an element of the landscape creates a connection with nature, which is a prevalent hotel design trend. Take it a step further with peaceful waterfall sounds, a zen garden, or landscape art. Plus, adding earthy colors and tones across fabrics or paints creates a sense of calm within the hotel. Guest Supply proactively partners with manufacturers, in all product categories, who focus on environmental responsibility. Consider adding sustainability messaging for guests or eco-friendly amenities.

Health and Wellness Forward 

When folks travel, there’s an “I’m on vacation” mentality that takes over and allows for a break in routine. But, when it comes to health and wellness, there’s still an intrinsic need for staying on top of it. That’s where your hotel can offer design elements that cater to the health and wellness space. Add a meditation room/yoga studio, a smoothie cafe, locker rooms for gyms, fluffy bathrobes, saunas, or adult-only swimming pools. Most importantly, try to create an overall soothing sleep environment in each guest room by incorporating sound machines, branded sleep kits, or high-quality mattresses.

Guest Supply can help your hotel stay on top of design trends and the best amenities with its range of products. Creating an atmosphere that is comfortable yet relevant will help drive uniqueness to your hotel. Shop furniture, linens, electronics, and more today.

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