How to Create a Peaceful Sleep Environment for your Guests

A good night’s sleep sets the tone for the entire day. Getting enough sleep is proven to reduce stress, improve mood, and have positive benefits for overall health. But many people have trouble sleeping — more than 50 million Americans suffer from over 80 different sleep disorders.  

Sleeping in an unfamiliar environment, such as a hotel, may contribute to poor sleep. In fact, a research study found that when you sleep in an unfamiliar environment, only half your brain gets a good night’s rest. Scientists in the early days of sleep research called this the “first night effect.” While sleep may not be in the hotel’s favor, your staff can try to create an overall soothing sleep environment in each guest room. Ultimately, leading to a positive guest experience. 

Here are 5 ways to create a peaceful sleep environment. 

Supply comfortable beds, pillows, and linens 

The bed (and its supporting items) is the centerpiece of a good night’s sleep. Building upon a comfortable mattress should be a high-quality mattress pad, soft bed linens, fluffy pillows, and a cozy duvet. While mattress firmness is a personal preference, it should be supportive without sagging in the center or not be so firm that it makes the floor seem soft. And don’t forget the pillows, which should hit the intersection of soft and firm to prevent neck pain while keeping the head and spine aligned. 

Provide a sound machine or alarm clock in each room 

Consider adding a sound machine to each guest room for those who may have trouble falling asleep (especially in metropolitan areas). White noise masks sound from other rooms, hallways, or outside while also helping to minimize stress and anxiety for those who experience difficulty sleeping. Plus, it’s a thoughtful gesture. Adding an alarm clock with Bluetooth speakers is another option for guests to connect their devices and play familiar white, pink, or brown noise options. 

Offer branded sleep kits 

Transpacific or transatlantic flights often provide customers with branded sleep kits that may include an eye mask, ear plugs, compression socks, and toothbrush/toothpaste. Consider creating a branded sleep kit for your hotel. It can include a cotton eye mask, a set of earplugs, scented pillow mist, hand lotion, custom do not disturb signs, herbal tea, or socks. This is a great way for hotels to create a peaceful sleep environment by providing guests with everything they need to relax into a good night’s sleep. You could even include a fun, branded flyer for each room with tips for creating an ideal sleep environment.  

Fill the guest room with a soothing fragrance  

Aromatherapy for sleep is a common practice as there are certain scents that help with relaxation. Lavender, in particular, is associated with better sleep because of its calming effects, according to a research study. Consider leaving a soothing fragrance – such as lavender, rose, or chamomile – in a small spray bottle in each room. The guest can use it how they want, whether that’s as a pillow mist or room spray.  

Create a temperature guide 

Temperature plays a huge role in how well people sleep each night, but as with most hotel rooms, that’s in the hands of the guest. Create a temperature guide that may reveal optimal sleeping temperatures, according to the experts. This can be a fun and thoughtful guide that your guests may appreciate as they set the thermostat before bed.  

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