Craft a Signature Sleep Experience with Innovative Linens

Before the 1990s, hotel linens came in a spectrum of colors. This was done to save staff time and the property money by being more “manageable”. White sheets and blankets were to be avoided at all costs. The fear was they would get soiled too easily and end up costing the property money. However, once people began associating white linens with luxury, the demand changed the industry and white beds became the gold standard of cleanliness. Guests slept better and rejected colored sets.

The white bed revolution also sparked a competition between hotel brands about who could have the most luxurious bed and the finest linens without creating a burden for staff. The next wave pushing the industry forward begins with Guest Supply’s Advantiva by EnviroSleep® earth-friendly bedding and Studio 4301 Lencois Duvet Covers. These linens have built-in features that reduce the chore of changing bedding for staff, saving time and energy. The solid construction and high market look will have guests complimenting the quality while hotels can take pride in the value they add.

To further simplify and beautify guest rooms, EnviroSleep offers Advantiva Plus Blanket with Advantiva Arbor Mock Duvet Cover by Studio 4301. This patented sleep system is a mock duvet cover blending innovation and top style with a 2-inch retail hem and 12-inch pocket at the head that secures it to the blanket. Diagonally notched corners present a crisp edge so housekeeping can easily identify the foot of the bed to be more efficient. Additionally, the system includes features such as wrinkle resistance owing to its 100% polyester woven puff fabric, outstanding functionality, eco-friendly recycled down alternative fill that’s Okeo-Tex® Certified, and commercial laundry-friendly and durable construction.

Not to be outdone, the Studio 4301 Lencois features hand holes that will speed up changing times as well as offer durable construction that easily goes into any commercial washer. Like the Advantiva Plus Blanket with Advantiva Arbor Mock Duvet Cover by Studio 4301, Studio 4301 Lencois offers wrinkle resistance owing to its 100% polyester woven puff fabric.  Properties can be assured that this linen set will be attractive to guests for a long time.

Save time and money with innovative linens from Guest Supply. Speak with one of our sales team members to explore how to boost the well-being of each guest with high-quality sleep.

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