The Luxury of High-Quality Sleep

Restful nights are essential to productive days. Better sheets mean improved sleep and Prima Microfiber Bed Linens provide guests with sweeter dreams. These 100% microfiber sheets are composed of intricately woven fibers that are comfortable, smooth and durable at a reasonable cost.  These products last longer and process less expensively than conventional bed linens.

Product advantages

These easy care sheets maintain whiteness by repelling stains and liquids while reduced pilling enhanced smoothness.  Guests will enjoy the soft feel as they drift off to sleep.

Operational advantages

These cost effective sheets dry faster because they weigh 20% less than blended T200 sheets and 33.3% less than T250 blended sheets, honoring Guest Supply’s commitment to the environment. Water use is reduced 20%, chemical use is reduced 20% and energy use is reduced 37. Because they’re so durable, Prima sheets have a 50% longer life cycle than other sheets, resulting in less landfill waste.

Take your guests’ experience to a greater level with Prima Microfiber Linens from Guest Supply.

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