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The hospitality industry evolves so rapidly that hotels must be in the know with trends and innovations to stay relevant. Last week at Guest Supply’s North American Supplier Convention, territory managers were brought together with suppliers to gain insights into the trends across all categories and receive in-depth product education.  Here’s a look at some of exciting new things that will improve operational efficiencies and enhance the guest experience.

Ecolab 3-in-1 Cleaner

Make cleanliness easier to protect your hotel’s brand and employees. Ecolab 3-in-1 Cleaner is a multipurpose cleaner that disinfects surface areas within minutes, offering a fresh scent without leaving behind streaks. Guests will enjoy a clean, safe and healthy environment with every use.

Hushtone™ Cordless Upright

Every moment counts when cleaning high-traffic areas. The Hushtone™ Cordless Upright aids your team by cleaning up to five times faster than traditional corded uprights.  By reducing the risks associated with exposed cords, guests and team members can move about freely with increased productivity.

Heritage Accufit

Today’s plastics differ greatly from the thicker plastics of the past. Whether they are carrying paper, glass or plastics, can liners are meant to be thrown out without much consideration to sizing. An increased level of flexibility and no wasted plastics make cleaning easier for your janitorial staff with Heritage Accufit.


Keep linens vibrant as long as possible with Fibertone™. Without fading or bleeding, this color method stands strong against harsh chemicals and resists sunlight. The color also will not transfer when it comes into contact with other surfaces. Superior absorbency is a direct result of this blend of cotton and polyester.

Renew™ PolyFlex® Facial Tissue

Think outside the box with Renew™ PolyFlex® Facial Tissue. Reduce packaging waste and prevent contamination by foregoing the box. Less waste in the trash means housekeeping can have an abundant supply ready for guests on their carts.

Toilet paper

Behind air conditioning and the strength of Wi-Fi, poor toilet paper quality is the most common gripe among guests. This trumps water pressure and streaked mirrors. The paper should be strong to have a reassuring hand feel. it should also be embossed to boost the perception of softness and bright enough to promote an image of cleanliness.

Safai Coffee

Every cup of java changes the world with Safai Coffee. In collaboration with sustainable farms helmed by small farmers, the brand offers the world’s finest handcrafted, single-origin coffees to valued customers. Each bean is processed right away to ensure its full body and lasting finish for each cup.

Always be in the know with Guest Supply.

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