Changing the World Together

Coffee, a morning essential for most guests, is capable of doing bigger things. Collaboration not only fuels growth in the industry, but it also changes the world. In that spirit, Guest Supply and Safai have paired up to offer the world’s finest handcrafted single-origin coffees to valued customers.

In order to provide the finest quality specialty coffees, Roast Master and Safai Co-Founder Mike Safai hand-selected Shadowood for Guest Supply. This premium, 100% Arabica blend is roasted in small batches in accordance with European traditional drum methods for a truly handcrafted experience. Each batch is packaged right away to ensure full body and lasting finish in each cup.

While the farms of Honduras provide the harvest, seeds of greatness were actually planted long ago in Europe. Italy has a rich and celebrated history of globe-changing culture. As such, the Tazza Italia Collection evokes the spirit of Italy and its passion for premium coffee. By including a light roasted 100% Rainforest Alliance Certified coffee, a dark roasted 100% USDA Certified Organic coffee, and a delightful decaffeinated option, every cup celebrates the finest life has to offer.

The Safai Foundation is committed to helping the world with each cup through a dedication to excellence and sustainable practices. They achieve this through their tireless efforts to create environmentally-responsible coffee farms that improve the lives of farmers and the surrounding communities via conscious stewardship. Safai represents a legacy of hope that started as a stand-alone coffee shop in Louisville, Kentucky and is now part of a global effort to change the world.

At Guest Supply, we carry an extensive collection of delicious products. Our sales team will work one-on-one with you to find the perfect selection for your property.

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