Make Cleanliness Your Trademark

Commitment to cleanliness extends beyond rooms to entries, corridors, indoor and outdoor gathering spaces, restaurants, meeting spaces and even parking lots. Even a lone online review mentioning untidiness can negatively impact bookings. In a survey commissioned by CLR®, 86 percent of participants rated cleanliness as their top priority when researching a hotel. Guests can enter a hotel room with or without a key nowadays. However, on the other side of the door, there must be a pristine room to unlock five-star service.

While technology and amenities can be a powerful draw for guests, eight out of 10 would rather do without internet than feel their room is less than clean. An additional 31 percent of those surveyed said they clean their hotel room upon arrival. A clean room tells guests that their stay is welcomed and appreciated. Having a clean property and all the supplies needed to keep it so demonstrates dedication to safety, security and compliance with the law.

Guest Supply offers a variety of janitorial resources to ensure a steady stream of bookings.

Suncast Commercial® Premium Housekeeping Cart

With a 360-degree adjustable caster system, three non-marring rollers at all four corners, and expanded storage capacity, the Suncast Commercial® Premium Housekeeping Cart makes cleanliness easier. Optional accessories include a smart caddy design that nests over laundry bags to allow for optimal top space workflow and a wealth of bag options.

Duralock Mop System

Featuring a removable mop wringer, a rear compartment that lifts out for easier emptying, and a front compartment that holds up to 17 quarts of solution, the Duralock Mop System is the ideal tool for cleaning floors. The interlocking system of mops, accessories and more evenly distributes cleaning solution to follow standard floor cleaning procedures.

Heritage Accufit

Today’s plastics differ greatly from the thicker plastics of the past. Whether they are carrying paper, glass or plastics, can liners are meant to be thrown out without much consideration to the size of the liner. An increased level of flexibility and no wasted plastics make cleaning easier for your janitorial staff with Hertiage Accufit.

Hushtone 6 Q Cordless Backpack Vacuum

Cleaning an entire hotel every day can be challenging, especially for new staff members. Make every minute count and empower janitorial staff with the Hushtone 6 Q Cordless Backpack vacuum. The new cleaning tool reduces the risk of exposed cords and decreases cleaning time by 30 percent.

Unger Stingray

Clean windows and other indoor surfaces tell the story of a hotel’s hygiene. Brighten guests’ stay and their rooms via the quick yet efficient Unger Stingray. With this tool that requires only minimal training, janitorial staff can clean without rearranging furniture. Lightweight pole extensions make any surface within reach.

Advance Carpet Extractor

Guests notice hotel carpets. In fact, there are quite a few Instagram accounts dedicated to them. Make sure carpets are clean and ready for a closeup with Advance Carpet Extractor, offering pre-spray, interim cleaning and deep extraction to maximize user friendliness. No matter the size of the carpet, these maneuverable and portable machines put down cleaning solutions, scrub the carpet and extract the dirty water.

Quick Cart and X-Cart

Rubbermaid® Quick Cart enables staff to seamlessly and quickly clean high traffic areas. Features include a reinforced kickplate, removable liners and high-performance materials. The versatile cart’s configuration is customizable for the unique needs of any hotel. Likewise, Rubbermaid® X-Cart Collapsible Bulk Trucks offer long-lasting durability and strength. The collapsible steel frame reduces width by 75 percent and offers a multi-stream option for quick dividing and sorting of materials.

As always, your Guest Supply sales rep can help you with any of these products to ensure guest confidence in the level of care you provide. For FF&E, textiles, and green solutions, contact us today.

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