Make a Lasting Impression with the Right Kind of Clean

Cleanliness is a large part of guest satisfaction. In the age of social media, a missed spot or unpleasant odor can result in negative online reviews and unflattering pictures posted to multiple platforms. Guest Supply and Ecolab have partnered to provide a comprehensive cleaning program that will earn any hotel five stars. Give housekeeping operations a boost with these ready-to-use specialty solutions.

Multi-surface cleaners

Keystone Vigoroso Multi-Surface Cleaner offers a stellar clean at only two ounces per gallon. Keystone Orange Multi-Surface Cleaner RTU and Keystone Pine Multi-Surface Cleaner banish streaks while cleaning greasy soils, film and smoke. To remove light soils, grease and stubborn deposits from fixtures and hard surfaces, use Keystone Aerosol Spray Cleaner. For five-minute kill times, Peroxide Disinfectant and Multi-Surface Cleaner RTU cleans a variety of surfaces and reduces the number of products needed to pass the white glove test.

Glass cleaner

The advanced cleaning properties of Keystone Glass Cleaner keeps mirrors cleaner longer by preventing fingerprints from appearing.

Specialty bathroom cleaners

Make every trip a five-star experience with Guest Supply and EcoLab’s bathroom cleaners. Banish rust from every bowl via Keystone CBC Plus Toilet Bowl Cleaner, featuring 20 percent phosphoric acid in gel foam to cling to and improve soils. The Keystone Crème Cleanser provides added grit to vanquish stubborn soils. Bleach cleaners in liquid and powder form (Keystone Liquid Bleach Cleaner and Keystone Powder Bleach Cleaner) are powerful cleansers that will make any bathroom surface like new. CBC Plus is an EPA-DIN registered acidic restroom bowl cleanser.


Furniture polishes should not leave film or give guests a greasy feeling. The Keystone Furniture Polish Aerosol offers a refreshing lemon scent while easily removing prints, smudges and other soils. There is no greasy finish left behind, making it unique to other furniture polishes. The Keystone Satin Shine Stainless Steel Cleaner brightens and polishes in addition to preventing dust accumulation and fingerprints. Keystone Wood Oil Soap gently cleans and restores wood surfaces to their natural luster.

Odor control

Guests love to indulge while on trips. Pet odors, smoke and pungent food can linger in rooms, causing complaints and negative reviews. Keep airborne odors under control with Keystone Air and Fabric Refresher. By neutralizing odors at the source, supervisors can breeze through room checks with this easy to use spray product. Keystone Odor Neutralizer in Mandarin Burst and Ocean Breeze can be used without batteries to deliver a precise dose of pure fragrance. The Keystone Urinal Screen Block contains an odor counteractant to leave bathrooms smelling fresh.


Keystone Undercounter Machine Detergent offers a powerful cleaner in packet form that is recommended for use in home-style or under-counter dish machines. As a high performance and sudsing, non-phosphate liquid pot and pan detergent, Keystone Pot & Pan Detergent Ready-To-Use cuts through all grease. Allow for deep cleaning and efficient stain removal with Keystone High Efficiency Laundry Detergent’s enzymatic formula.

Floor cleaner

Any time guests look down, they should be reminded of a property’s commitment to cleanliness. Keystone Floor Cleaner RTU removes soap film, grease, oil and other common soils via a concentrated, alkaline cleaner that perfectly pairs with a mop bucket.

When great minds think alike, the world changes. Explore how the Guest Supply and EcoLab partnership will give guests a five-star cleanliness experience.


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