Hotel Cleanliness Ensures Guest Loyalty

Simple strategies for ensuring guest satisfaction

It goes without saying that for guests, nothing is more important than a clean room. And for hoteliers, when the topic of cleanliness comes up, housekeeping is likely top of mind. Aside from good housekeeping practices, there are many other subtle factors that affect how “clean” a room looks and feels to a guest. Capitalizing on these factors can pay off big time when it comes to creating positive impressions for your guests.

If you’re wondering what else you can do to up your hotel’s “clean factor,” consider the following.

White décor for the win:
From curtains to casegoods (and every towel and tile in between) white décor can make guestrooms appear cleaner, brighter, and more modern.

The lighter and brighter, the better:
Lighter rooms can actually feel cleaner than darker, dimly lit spaces. Adding more light sources and/or brighter bulbs can improve the way a guest feels about a space. This is especially true in bathrooms, where consumers favor bright and flattering light. Vanities with in-mirror lights are popular right now for good reason!

Less is more:
Decluttering is another strategy for ensuring guest confidence. Clear, smooth surfaces project a sense of cleanliness, so consider the materials, angles, and placement of all the objects in your guestrooms.

Green can be clean:
Some consumers perceive green textiles and hospitality products – those free of harsh chemicals – to be cleaner in regard to health and wellbeing. This is especially true for consumers with allergies. They’re more likely to request bedding that hasn’t been treated with bleach or other toxic chemicals. So when you go green, make sure you’re communicating with your guests about your efforts to capitalize on trending perceptions of what it means to be eco-friendly and clean.

As always, your Guest Supply sales rep can help implement any of these strategies for ensuring guest confidence in the level of care you provide. For FF&E, textiles, and green solutions, contact them today.

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