Why Looks Matter When it Comes to Amenities

You can’t judge a book based on its cover, but what about shampoo? The packaging designs of amenity products directly affect the way a consumer feels about those products. When you place an amenity product in your hotel, your guests will associate their feelings about that product with their feelings about your hotel.

It’s crucial, therefore, to make sure your amenities make a good impression. And it’s equally important to make sure that impression complements the vibe of your brand.

When selecting amenities, you’ll want to consider what each of today’s design trends will ultimately say about your brand:


Minimalist design is clean and simple. It uses small words and fine, clean fonts.

Brands use minimalist designs to indicate their status is worthy of being elevated. It helps a brand stand out without shouting for attention.


Every color, according to psychologists, triggers a common emotional response. In packaging, bold colors can be used to make consumers feel a specific way about a brand.

  • Red is associated with intensity, power, passion, action
  • Yellow says joy, happiness, energy
  • Blue indicates trust, security, order, tranquility
  • Purple is commanding, opulent, lavish, regal, creative
  • Orange can be playful, lively, youthful
  • Green indicates growth, health, rejuvenation
  • Black is timeless, elegant, sophisticated


By repeating shapes, patterns can appear bold or playful.

Patterns are eye-catching and highly impactful, drawing consumers to the product. Because they are memorable to consumers, patterns can help a product leave a lasting impression.


Ecofriendly designs are often earth-inspired and use biodegradable, natural, and/or sustainable materials.

This trend can make consumers feel good about brands that utilize it. It tells consumers that the brand cares for the environment and the future.

At Guest Supply, our service and support team works closely with our product design and development team to recommend the right products to enhance your hotel’s reputation. If you’d like to custom design your own, our in-house product designers and developers can create an amenity line specifically to enhance the unique guest experience your hotel offers.

To learn more, contact us today.

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