These Textiles Offer Hoteliers the Best of Both Worlds

Blends versus cotton. When it comes to choosing textiles for your property, deciding between the two isn’t always easy. Blends can offer more strength and durability while cotton can provide a softer surface feel. So, how does a hotelier choose?

You might not have to, thanks to core spun technology. One of the most exciting innovations in textiles today, core spun fabrics are made from “core-spinning” yarn, which is done by spinning fibers around an existing yarn or filament to produce a heath-core structure. For example, a core spun fabric can begin with a polyester yarn or filament that has cotton spun around it, creating a yarn that has the exceptional strength of polyester but the soft surface feel of cotton. With this process, you can enjoy the best benefits of blended fabrics and cotton, including superior durability, greater moisture wicking capabilities, and longer life expectancy.

Core spun technology is already used in our everyday lives in the denim fabrics we wear daily. Even the United States Army uses core spun fabrics on their tents because of the fabric’s excellent flame retardant characteristics.

Now, Guest Supply has brought this innovative fabric to hospitality with our very own TruCore™ line of linens. With TruCore core spun bed linens, your operations will benefit from quicker drying times and greater handling ease, while your guests will enjoy extra soft-feeling sheets.

To learn more about the TruCore hospitality textiles we offer, contact your sales rep today: 732-868-2200.

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