3 Cost-effective Ways of Mobilizing Millennials

Millennials today comprise the single most powerful driving force behind the global travel market. In fact by 2020, they will make up more than half the global workforce – with 38% of that population traveling for work-related purposes. Here are a few ways hotels can gain the upper hand in capitalizing on this highly-lucrative demographic:

Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi.

Offering strong Wi-Fi and high-speed internet on-property are relatively low-cost methods for getting into the good graces of a generation that relies on technology like never before. ICE statistics claim that 60% of millennials will upgrade their travel tickets by purchasing in-flight Wi-Fi – and offering upgrades and additional tech benefits are an easy way to increase brand perception and value without incurring considerable costs.

At Your “Bleisure”

With the rise of so-called “bleisure” trips – a porte-manteau that blends traditional business trips with a side of leisure – hotels can see a huge uptick in room bookings by offering travelers new and unexpected travel experiences. According to research, 55% of traveling millennials are willing to extend a business trip for the sake of leisure travel – and 3 out of 4 prefer trips they can both enjoy and learn something from. Consider partnering with a local winery or an outdoor adventure outfit to give your hotel that extra edge.

Reap the Rewards

For a demographic that is notorious for booking last-minute vacations, having a strong presence on major social media outlets with a focus on last-minute deals and bonus rewards can really give your brand a boost in earning that sought-after millennial dollar. Interestingly, millennials have also proven to be fiercely loyal to programs that offer rewards – and as any hotelier knows, a loyal customer base is the gift that just keeps on giving.

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