Simple Yet Clever Hotel Amenities to Offer Guests

The moment you surprise your guests with a smile is the moment you gain a loyal customer. Hospitality is all about elevating the guest experience with comfort, friendliness, and generosity. With thousands of hotels across the United States, it can be tricky to stand out among a sea of options. And once you get someone booked for a stay and in the door, the goal is to impress them enough to come back again. And better yet, tell their friends about the experience.

As your team adjusts goals and plans throughout the year, consider these ideas for perks or amenities that might surprise and delight your guests.

Pet-friendly Amenities

About 78% of Americans travel with their pets each year. And most of those people seek pet-friendly hotel options. If your hotel offers pet-friendly policies, remember how much people love their pets and surprise your guests with clever amenities. Consider offering pet concierge services—nothing fancy—just a list of recommended pet-friendly services, businesses, and things to do in the area.

Placemats, bowls, beds, and toys are just a few items to make a cat or dog feel at home in a hotel. Of course, it wouldn’t be a pet-friendly hotel without treats. Guest Supply offers all-natural dog treats in flavors such as cheddar bacon, margarita pizza, roasted duck, and maple bacon.

Kid-friendly Amenities

According to 2020-2021 Family Travel Statistics published by Condor Ferries, 70% of families say that amenities for children are an important factor when making decisions. Add convenience to a family’s stay by providing changing tables, sound machines, baby wipes, baby blankets, and bed rails (all offered by Guest Supply).

Parents are sure to say “it’s the little things” when they realize they can ​​log into streaming accounts such as Disney+, Netflix, or Hulu on the in-room TV so Peppa Pig can be a part of the vacation too. At check-in offer parents with kids a gift bag with a coloring book and crayons to craft a welcoming family experience.

Wellness Amenities

Attaining peace, pleasure, and bliss is a top travel trend for 2023. Surprise guests with mini-bar options that deviate from the norm. That might be immune-boosting products, such as detox shots, kombucha, trail mix, or protein bars. And when it comes to sleep, consider creating a  soothing sleep environment by offering branded sleep kits in guest rooms. It might include a cotton eye mask, a set of earplugs, scented pillow mist, hand lotion, custom do not disturb signs, herbal tea, or socks.

Welcome Amenities

Greeting each guest with a smile is expected in any hospitality business. But take it one step further by offering guests warm cookies or tea/coffee upon arrival. This can also be an opportunity to support local businesses by offering cookies from a local bakery or coffee roasted at a nearby cafe. Guests are sure to enjoy and remember extra perks at check-in—which could go beyond cookies and tea—by offering two free drinks from the fridge, a free pass to a local gym, or complimentary breakfast or happy hour. It’s all about that first impression.

Luxury Amenities

Guest Supply can help you create a memorable guest experience by offering elegant products and custom creations tailored to suit your hotel needs. Consider the rich textures of Manchester Mills, the decadent aromas of Archipelago Botanicals, or the pampering characteristics of Gilchrist & Soames amenities. Guests are sure to bask in the glow of the high-quality products you provide.

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