How Deliver Wellness Perks to Each Guest Room

Attaining peace, pleasure, and bliss is a top travel trend for 2023. According to Expedia’s 2023 Travel Trends Report, about 46% of global travelers are more open to wellness breaks than ever before. Additional research also finds that the US was the top overall wellness break destination in 2022. 

Wellness is a state of experiencing good mental and physical health. And with the past three years shaking peoples’ well-being, it makes sense that travelers are searching for ways to improve overall wellness away from home. That doesn’t necessarily mean folks are seeking meditation retreats or destination spas, but rather accommodations that provide a comfortable and welcoming environment to relax. This creates an opportunity for hotels to incorporate and market wellness perks to guests that align with these evolving values. 

Here are a few ways to implement wellness perks for guests. 

Create a Peaceful Sleep Environment 

A good night’s sleep sets the tone for the entire day. But sleeping in an unfamiliar environment, such as a hotel, may contribute to poor sleep. Create a soothing sleep environment by offering branded sleep kits in guest rooms. It might include a cotton eye mask, a set of earplugs, scented pillow mist, hand lotion, custom do not disturb signs, herbal tea, or socks. This is a great way for hotels to provide guests with everything they need to relax into a good night’s sleep. And of course, build upon a comfortable mattress with a high-quality mattress pad, soft bed linens, fluffy pillows, and a cozy duvet. Guest Supply offers a selection of products to help improve the sleep experience for guests. 

Supply Guest Rooms with Luxury Personal Care Amenities 

A bathrobe is a simple yet valuable wellness perk to implement into your guest rooms as it provides guests with a welcome invitation to relax. Manchester Mills offers a selection of luxury bathrobes that feel soft on the skin. Specifically, the Microfiber Shal Collar Robe with French terry features a stylish and comfortable design. When it comes to bath products, the Gilchrist & Soames London Collection shower gel, shampoo, and conditioner provides a superior moisturizing lather with nutrient-rich oils, humectants, and emollients to pamper the skin.  

Give Guests an Opportunity to Sip and Relax 

Wellness perks don’t have to be obvious. Sometimes it’s about attention to detail and providing a touch of convenience and luxury. Sipping a cup of coffee or tea while relaxing in a quiet space may be the moment of zen that a guest needs. Supply each guest room with top-quality coffee, tea, and condiments such as Tazza Italia coffee (every purchase benefits the Safai Foundation to improve the lives of coffee farmers) or Bigelow organic tea. 

Factor Fitness into the Guest Room 

Over 14% of US adults meditate as it’s been proven to reduce stress, control anxiety, and promote emotional health. While practicing meditation may look different for everyone, it might be valuable to consider bringing this type of wellness to the guest room. For instance, providing yoga mats in each room combined with access to a complimentary on-demand yoga TV channel might give the guest an opportunity to continue their practice in their own space.  

Upgrade the Minibar with Healthy Options 

For some people, wellness is about actively fueling their bodies by maintaining a healthy diet. The guest room minibar is an excellent opportunity to provide guests with a wellness perk that supports mindful nutrition. Consider adding immune-boosting minibar products, such as detox shots, kombucha, trail mix, or protein bars, for guests who are looking for healthy options. The minibar is also a great opportunity to highlight local businesses by featuring their food and drink samples. 

As 2022 comes to an end, it’s time to prepare for the upcoming year by understanding traveler expectations. Travelers are excited to get creative about how they travel — including transportation, accommodation, length of stay, activities, and purpose. Guest Supply is here to help you build a better guest experience. Explore our range of cleaning solutions, luxury products, and sustainable-focused initiatives.  

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