5 travel trends that guests are seeking in 2023


As 2022 comes to an end, it’s a great time to prepare for the upcoming year by understanding traveler expectations. This year was all about the return of travel; air passenger volumes increased, hotel occupancy rates increased, and travel spending rose 6% above 2019 levels.  

As we enter 2023, travelers are excited to get creative about how they travel — including transportation, accommodation, length of stay, activities, and purpose. Booking.com released its “Predictions for the Creative Reimagination of Travel 2023” report after conducting research with more than 24,000 travelers across 32 countries. Let’s dive into five of those travel trends for 2023. 

Nostalgic Getaways 

A family reunion or multi-generational getaway is at the top of travel itineraries for 2023.  

Millennials with kids are nostalgic to return to destinations they cherished when they were young and bring their families. This type of travel may include theme parks, landmarks, or iconic attractions. According to Booking.com, the motivation behind this may be a search for stability in unstable times; or a desire to escape to simpler times. 

Make travel a kid-friendly experience at your hotel by stocking up on items that may come in handy to families with young children. For instance, changing tables, sound machines, baby wipes, baby blankets, and bed rails (all offered by Guest Supply) can make a world of difference for a parent who may have limited storage space as they fly, drive, or train to their destination.   

Wellness Retreats 

Attaining peace, pleasure, and bliss is a top travel trend for 2023, and what better way to do that than with a mindful getaway or wellness retreat? The research found that 40% of travelers aim to find peace at a silent retreat while 42% are keen to participate in a transformative health hiatus to recenter the mind. 

Create a peaceful sleep environment for guests by providing a high-quality mattress pad, soft bed linens, fluffy pillows, and a cozy duvet. Consider creating a branded sleep kit for your hotel that may include a cotton eye mask, a set of earplugs, scented pillow mist, hand lotion, custom “do not disturb” signs, herbal tea, or socks.  

Culture Shocks 

One of the best aspects of travel is being able to experience different cultures.  

According to Booking.com data, travelers are seeking unique vacations that shock, surprise, and delight. Nearly three-quarters (73%) of participants said they look forward to experiences outside of their comfort zone. That could be anything from tasting exotic foods, participating in adventure tours, or enjoying the local hospitality offered at your hotel.  

Where possible, consider adding local elements to your hotel’s offerings and design. For instance, handing out city guides, hanging local art, incorporating a cultural theme, or providing complimentary snacks from the bakery around the corner.  

Loyalty Programs 

While travelers are willing to spend money, they’re also looking to save money wherever possible. That’s where hotel discounts or loyalty programs swoop in. Be sure to clearly share the benefits of joining your hotel’s loyalty program, such as free cancellation, discounted room rates, or in-room perks. This will help your hotel gain a loyal customer base as travelers are seeking more bang for their buck. 

Business Retreats  

Companies and their employees are seeking opportunities to build team camaraderie in real life. Booking.com predicts that 2023 will see a rise in destination business retreats; these large groups will be looking for accommodation that offers meeting spaces, banquet areas, or recreational activities.  

When it comes to preparing for the new year, Guest Supply is here to help you build a better guest experience. Explore our range of cleaning solutions, luxury products, and sustainable focused initiatives. 

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