2023 Fall Tourism Trends In The United States

There’s no slowing down Americans who love to travel. About 60% of Americans are planning to travel for a vacation or getaway during the 2023 fall season, according to a survey by Vacasa and Allison + Partners. The survey also found that 71% of fall travelers plan on traveling more frequently this season than they did last season.

Despite economic uncertainty and rising costs, Americans are altering their spending habits to prioritize travel. For a majority of those opting into fall getaways, budget-friendly travel is a top priority—such as road trips to see fall foliage or camping outdoors. Let’s take a look at 2023 fall tourism trends to better understand how guests are traveling this time of year and what they might expect from their accommodation choices.

Popular Destinations

Vacasa’s survey found that urban/city destinations and leisure destinations (small town, vineyard) are top of mind for travelers this fall. New York City is a popular fall destination, with Central Park transforming into a canvas of autumnal hues. Those searching for a more serene escape might set their sights on the Smoky Mountains, New England, or the Pacific Northwest—all of which are known for breathtaking fall displays. Surprisingly, the survey found that 43% of travelers are heading to a beach destination this fall, so stock up on beach and pool towels!

Ensure your hotel is equipped with family-friendly amenities or pet-friendly supplies to accommodate every type of guest, no matter the destination.

Reasons for Travel

The crisp, cool weather during fall makes it the perfect time of year to spend time outdoors. Vacasa found that 30% of respondents will be traveling for outdoor recreation, which may include hiking, camping, or seasonal sightseeing. Typically, people travel during the fall for three reasons: to see the vibrant foliage, to attend seasonal events like pumpkin or harvest festivals, or to participate in wellness retreats and spa visits for relaxation (which is a top travel trend for 2023 overall).

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Transportation Trends

About 60% of travelers indicated that prices—whether high gas prices or expensive flights—will impact how they plan to travel this fall. Fall is typically a popular time of year for road trips as travelers enjoy driving to witness fall foliage in Maine, upstate New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Oregon. The U.S. airline industry had a great summer 2023 with record passengers and few cancellations. However, this fall, airlines face challenges with increasing fuel prices, higher staff costs, and a potential drop in domestic demand, according to The Washington Post.

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Different age groups have distinct motivations for travel, which might shape travel trends this season. This fall, millennials are on the move (a whopping 82%!) and this age group is often drawn to sustainable tourism and unique travel experiences that align with their values. Meanwhile, Gen X and Boomers are also hitting the road in greater numbers, frequently motivated by family visits or holiday gatherings.

Get creative when personalizing the hospitality experience for guests. And for those seeking sustainable tourism, be sure to create and display sustainability messaging so guests know that your hotel matches their values.

Adapting to Fall Tourism Trends

Travel is not slowing down this fall, so prioritizing guest comfort is essential. This can be achieved by offering seasonal amenities, crafting cozy accommodations, and introducing region-specific features that resonate with travelers during this time of year. With a growing trend towards sustainability, the incorporation of eco-friendly supplies is paramount. (Psst, Guest Supply offers a range of sustainable products for the fall season!)

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