Protecting the Environment: One Product Line at a Time

At Guest Supply, we take pride in helping clients adopt a more sustainable business model through the manufacturing, sourcing and distribution of a full spectrum of hospitality products that meet and exceed best practices for environmental sustainability.

Personal Care Amenities

  • No toxins, natural ingredients.
    Guest Supply’s eco-friendly personal care amenities are formulated without sulfates, parabens, phthalates, DEA, TEA, propylene glycol, mineral oil, and petroleum products to protect water.
  • Biodegradable packaging.
    The bottles and caps are blended with a nontoxic compound called EnviroClean, which accelerates the degrading process in a typical landfill.
  • Recycled packaging.
    Packaged in recycled paper containing natural soy inks.
  • Dispenser solutions.
    Soap dispensers reduce costs and impact on the environment by reducing waste and required production material by 40% (compared to individual portions).
  • No animal testing.

sustainable personal care amenities


Food Service

  • Sustainable sourcing and social responsibility.
    Safai Coffee uses only 100% sustainable/100% specialty-grade Arabica coffee grown and shipped from 11 countries around the world. The Safai Foundation is dedicated to creating better coffee and a better quality of life for coffee farmers everywhere through a series of initiatives – including the replanting of 30+ coffee farms destroyed by a fungal disease, supplementation of farmers’ income for three years prior to the first yield and greater access to medical care as well as education.
  • 100% USDA Organic Certified.
    Tazza Italia Dark Roast Coffee is 100% USDA Organic Certified, grown according to organic farming standards and free of pesticides and herbicides.
  • 100% Rainforest Alliance Certified™.
    Tazza Italia Light Roast Coffee is 100% Rainforest Alliance Certified™ and cultivated on farms choosing to help protect wildlife and the environment, while providing dignified living conditions for farm workers and their families.
  • Sustainable dinnerware and cutlery.
    Empress Earth Bagasse products utilize what would commonly be a waste product from sugar production to make a wide variety of sustainable products. They are 100% compostable, bio-based and made using a plant starch material, therefore reducing the amount of plastic used. Utensils are also recyclable. MultiPlast bio-enhanced dinnerware and cutlery products are made with sustainable, source-reducing additives to increase degradability and vastly reduce the time they remain on the earth.
  • Sugarcane-based tissue, towel and napkins.
    With the papermaking technology employed in manufacturing Nova2, the sugar production waste is mixed with bamboo and eucalyptus pulp and turned into forest-preserving paper products. Nova2 napkins are USDA Bio-Preferred Certified and boast a LEED certification score of 5.



Bath and Bed Linen

  • Renewable and sustainable raw materials.
    Our linen and terry products are made principally from cotton, which is a renewable and sustainable raw material. Certified organic cotton is available by special order.
  • Energy saving.
    Guest Ready™ products come ready to use right out of the box – eliminating the need for initial laundering which saves energy.
  • Recycled content.
    The polyester in many of our products includes recycled content ranging from 25% to 100%. This use of recycled resins helps to minimize waste in landfills, while reducing the demand for new petroleum-based raw materials.
  • No harmful chemicals.
    Certification by the international testing lab Oeko-Tex and AZO-free processing provides assurance that our products are free of harmful chemicals.
  • Recycled and recyclable packaging.
    Packaged with recycled and recyclable materials and reduces landfill waste.

Janitorial and Housekeeping

  • Award-winning innovation.
    The Aquanomics Laundry Program received the 2011 Cleantech Tekne Award for environmentally sound solutions.
  • Save natural resources & improve operational efficiencies.
    The Aquanomics Laundry Program helps reduce water and the energy usage by up to 40% over traditional laundry programs.
  • Phosphate-free and NPE-free chemistry helps protect waterways and the environment.
  • Reduce plastic waste.
    Ecolab solid chemistry reduces plastic waste up to 74%
  • Bio-enhanced can liners will degrade in an active landfill, reducing the amount of plastic going back into the waste stream.

Paper Products

  • Recycled post-consumer fiber.
    Guest paper products contain at least 20% post-consumer recycled fiber. Many are made of 100% recycled fiber.
  • Green Seal Certified.
    Certified for chlorine-free processing, energy and water efficiency, and 100% recovered / 50% post-consumer content for towels, napkins and wipes / 25% post-consumer content for tissue.
  • UL ECOLOGO® Certified.
    Products certified for reduced environmental impact.
  • Innovative Boxless packaging.
    Going boxless reduces packaging waste up to 69%, requires 50% less storage space and is made of recyclable LDPE poly.
  • EPA Guidelines Compliant.
    Meet or exceed EPA Comprehensive Procurement Guidelines


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