Practicing Corporate Social Responsibility

Social consciousness is important to people now more than ever before. Consumers are growing more interested in how businesses are prioritizing corporate social responsibility (CSR). Because brands are being held accountable for their influence on social change, it is critical to participate in socially responsible activities that will reflect on the culture and core values of your company.

The term corporate social responsibility is defined by Business Dictionary as “a company’s sense of responsibility towards the community and environment (ecological and social) in which it operates.” When a business practices CSR, they’re making a direct and positive impact on issues pertaining to society, economy and the environment, which ultimately affects the community.

There are numerous ways in which a business can practice social responsibility. Sponsoring an event or donating to a non-profit organization are simple ways to make positive impacts, but there are more meaningful ways for a brand to show CSR. When a company makes it a priority to implement initiatives that are engaging for employees and transparent to customers, far greater outcomes can be achieved.

Here are some ideas on how your brand can practice corporate social responsibility:

One of the most important issues we can focus on as a society is the future of our environment. A popular way that restaurants and hotels are making positive changes for the environment is by eliminating plastic straws from their properties and replacing them with paper straws. Some brands are even going as far as eliminating all single-use plastics. Another great way for a brand to contribute to a cleaner planet is by participating in monthly community cleanups. By encouraging employees to collect litter from parks, beaches and other heavily polluted areas once a month, you’re creating team-building opportunities while also creating a greener environment.  If your brand is looking for a simple way to reduce its carbon footprint, consider switching from individually packaged shampoos to sustainable in-shower dispensers.


With so many wonderful charities and non-profit organizations working to improve society, participating in philanthropic activities are simple and effective ways to build social responsibility. Some great examples are donating clothing or Christmas gifts to children in need, hosting events to raise money for a cause or sending disaster relief supplies to a community that has suffered from a catastrophic event.

Volunteer Work

Volunteer work involves the most effort and engagement which is perhaps the reason why it is the most gratifying for those who participate. Employees can physically see how they’re making positive impacts. Working at a local soup kitchen once a week or spending time with children staying in hospitals are beautiful examples of volunteer work.

See how Guest Supply and Clean the World work together to reduce waste to remanufacture discarded hand soaps and liquids from our partners and distributing the soap to children in need. This example reduces waste to help the environment while also focusing on philanthropic efforts.

What issues are important to your business? Contact us today and learn how Guest Supply can help your brand practice corporate social responsibility.

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