The Rise of Wellness in Hospitality

Wellness is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the hospitality industry. In fact, a recent study by the concluded that wellness tourism or travel associated with maintaining or enhancing personal well-being is growing twice as fast as global tourism. Now more than ever, brands need to stay up-to-date on wellness trends.

Properties are beginning to focus on meeting the rising demand by providing spa treatments, upgrading gyms, and offering wellness-focused activities and workshops. You don’t have to go through expensive renovations to keep up with the demand of wellness, there are plenty of different ways to show guests you also value a healthy lifestyle. Having a better understanding of wellness trends is key for hoteliers to make wiser business decisions.

Healthier Food Options.

A large part of wellness is nutrition – people are paying closer attention to the foods they consume and the long-term effects these foods cause on their physical and mental health. Whether your establishment offers an upscale brunch or a complimentary breakfast buffet, small changes can be a big deal to your guests and leave a lasting impression.

Take a walk in your local grocery store’s dairy aisle and you’ll see there are far more milk-alternatives than traditional dairy products. Try adding one or two non-dairy milk options (like soy milk or almond milk) at your coffee bar or breakfast buffet and you’ll be sure to hear positive guest reviews.  Other ways to incorporate better food options for your guests include:

  • Replace artificial sugar sweeteners like with healthier sugar substitutes
  • Provide a variety of fresh fruit options
  • Offer more grilled meal options than deep-fried foods

Wellness Program

Some guests may already be health-savvy, but there are many who want to live better lifestyles and just don’t know where to start. By incorporating a weekly or monthly wellness programs you can help educate your guests during their stay.

  • Invite a local yoga instructor to offer a beginner’s yoga class or morning meditation.
  • Allow guests to participate in a clean-eating 101 course led by a nutritionist.
  • Keep your concierge and staff knowledgeable on local wellness such as healthy restaurants options, spa centers and nearby gyms that offer day-passes if your establishment doesn’t have a gym.

People may have different definitions of what wellness means to them. That’s why it can be good to try something new each week or month and develop a wellness program based on guest feedback.

Ergonomic Furniture for Business Travelers

Many people travel for work – they may be in town for business-proposals, an important presentation for a client, or even a long-term project or stay. Whatever business-related travel your guests are on, chances are they’ll be working on some last-minute details from their room or common workplace. Replace uncomfortable furniture in your conference rooms and work stations by providing guests with ergonomic equipment. These changes can also be made in employee work areas

Benefits include:

  • Reducing physical and mental stress
  • Improving focus and productivity
  • Lowers risk of musculoskeletal disorders

There’s nothing more impressive and satisfying to guests than knowing the brand they choose to stay with shows that they really care about their patrons’ well-being. After all, it’s the details on service that really shine through and make fore return guests and loyalty members.

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