Water Conservation in Hospitality

Did you know that in the US alone, hotels and other lodging account for almost 15% of all commercial and institutional water usage? This means that your establishment has a large impact on water usage in your city. Establishing a water-saving program will reduce water waste, lower your water bills and show guests that your brand practices social responsibility.


People often take their at-home habits with them when they travel, meaning if they take very long showers at home, they are likely to do the same at your establishment. The amount of time a guest takes in the shower can’t be controlled, however, the water pressure can. A standard shower head’s water flow is 2.5 GPM or gallons per minute. By switching to shower heads with a GPM of 1.8, like models made by Waterpik, you can save 7 gallons of water per 10-minute shower!

Another way to reduce water waste in bathrooms, both in-room and public restrooms, is through low flow bathroom features. Since low flow toilets can reduce as much as 30% of water usage, they are the most economical choice. It is also important to schedule regular maintenance checks, as a leaky toilet can waste up to 200 gallons of water in just one day.


A simple way to reduce water waste when doing laundry is to ensure each load is full before starting. Another way is to reduce rinse cycles or to install temporary holding tanks to reuse the water from a previous rinse cycle. For larger hotels with more than 500 guest rooms, consider installing continuous batch washers, which will use all the rinse water in the pre-washing cycle and main cycle of laundry. Just as with bathrooms, schedule regular maintenance checks to ensure there are no leaks or plumbing issues.


Do you know the GPM of your kitchen taps? By verifying that they’re kept at a flow of under 2.6 GPM, you can significantly reduce water waste in your kitchens.


Reevaluate your housekeeping procedures and make any changes needed to reduce water waste. Implement a limit to how many times your housekeeping crew flushes a toilet while cleaning and check that taps aren’t left running when not in use. You can also try to use mops instead of a hose when applicable.

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