Providing Better Service to Adult Travelers

The adult-only hotel concept made its debut in the hospitality industry nearly a decade ago and, in a relatively short amount of time, has become a global trend.

With a 30% rise in online searches for “adults-only hotel,” now is a great time to provide specific offerings for this audience. Whether your hotel is strictly adults-only or is in an area heavily marketed to adults, there are plenty of ways to make your brand more appealing to traveling couples or those looking to relax sans children.

Luxury Brand Personal Care Amenities

One way to provide adult guests with a sense of luxury is through personal care items provided in-room. High-end hair and body care products are made with quality ingredients, often scented with exotic fragrances that will remind your guests they’re on vacation. Acqua Di Parma, and Bvlgari are all brands that are synonymous with luxury, and guests will be delighted to see these products in their hotel rooms.

High-end Décor and Furniture

Your establishment’s appearance will be your guests’ first impression. Family-friendly resorts tend to stay away from high-end furniture and expensive art that may easily be damaged by young children. Hotels that cater to adults can display fine art and delicate sculptures, as well as furniture that is upholstered with fabrics that may be more delicate, such as suede or velvet.

Food and Beverage

The food and beverage options at most hotels are usually meals that most people are familiar with, making it easier for those traveling with kids who are picky eaters.  At a hotel or resort that caters to adults, guests can let their taste buds go on a culinary adventure with exotic dishes and fine dining. However, if your establishment isn’t strictly for adults, you can still offer traveling adults gourmet snacks and coffee – this small upgrade gives guests an added sense of luxury to their stay.

Bed and Bath Linens

Other luxury items your brand may consider incorporating are high-quality bed and bath linens. Spa products such as robes and slippers are sure to take the guest experience to new heights, as will offering lush pool towels. Simple items like these can help your guests unwind and relax on their adults-only vacation.

Making small changes and providing guests with luxury items and amenities can heavily impact their overall experience and leave them with a lasting impression until their next stay.

If you ready to upgrade your property and provide more luxurious services and amenities to your adult guests, contact your local territory manager to get started.

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