Cut Costs on Water and Energy Bills with the TemperLoft® Renew® Pillow


Sustainability in hospitality matters.’s 2022 Sustainable Travel Report found that 71% of US travelers have a desire to travel more sustainably over the next year (up 10% from 2021).

Eco-conscious travelers and guests are choosing hotels that pursue environmentally and socially friendly practices. As a hotel, a great place to start is water and energy conservation. With laundry accounting for about 16% of a hotel’s water usage – only second to bathrooms – there are opportunities to significantly cut costs on both water and energy bills.

And travelers think so too.

In the hotel industry, reducing water and energy usage from laundry loads not only helps the environment but also saves you money. Towels & sheeting,  by Manchester Mills are Guest Ready® and do not require washing before first use. For instance, the Manchester Mills TemperLoft ReNew Pillow has an estimated laundry cost savings of approximately $.0.90 per pillow. That’s an average annual laundering savings of $5,760 for a 250-room property.

So, how does it work?

The patented dual-chamber pillow features a TemperLoft outer chamber and feather inner chamber, providing the perfect balance of comfort and support. TemperLoft hybrid fill is a unique blend of natural down and recycled down alternative fibers with uncompromised loft, offering optimal temperature regulating properties. The removable inner chamber offers easier laundering and operational efficiencies. All while being verified by the International Down and Feather Laboratory.

With this pillow and other GuestReady linens, your hotel can significantly reduce water and energy usage while saving thousands of dollars.

Begin your water conservation journey by investing in quality linens, towels, bathrobes, and pillows to increase your brand’s overall sustainability efforts. To help stay accountable while adding credibility to your efforts, EPA launched the WaterSense H2Otel Challenge. This program helps hotels understand their water footprint while also challenging the hospitality industry to increase its water-saving efforts and decrease energy use. Through this challenge, hotel management can learn about ways to conserve water and save money, as well as methods for tracking their savings.

Guest Supply proactively partners with manufacturers – in all product categories – who focus on environmental responsibility.

We’ve been an industry leader in full-spectrum hotel solutions for over 40 years, and we continue to lead the way by maximizing our customers’ profit margins while minimizing the carbon footprint across all aspects of our business.

Our global approach to environmental responsibility is rooted in the belief that meeting our customers’ needs should never compromise our commitment to conservation. Contact your Sales Consultant about the Manchester Mills TemperLoft ReNew Pillow or other Manchester Mills products, which push the boundaries of quality, sustainability, and innovation.

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