How to Get Your Hotel Ready for Spring Break


Travelers are always enthusiastic about spring break. For 2023, flight searches for March and April are up 40% compared to the same time frame one year prior. But it’s not all long flights and crowded beaches this year — new spring break travel trends focus on outdoor activities, fuel efficiency, and predictability, according to USA Today. 

Properties in regions across the United States are preparing for an influx of spring travel. Get an early start on ordering supplies, especially items that require budget approval or have longer lead times. You don’t want to run out of items such as cribs, rollaway beds, linens, or cleaning supplies during peak travel season. 

Follow our tips to prepare your hotel for spring break. 

Stock Up on Cleaning Supplies 

During spring break, your hotel might experience a higher number of all types of guests — such as students, families with young children, and older couples taking advantage of time off from school and work. With heavy traffic throughout your hotel, you’ll need to prepare for quick and efficient cleaning.  

Consider ​​citric acid-based CleanCide germicidal products that deliver powerful efficacy against pathogens without harmful, irritating effects. The easy-to-use wipe format enables one-step, no-rinse cleaning and disinfection. And when it comes to the floors, nothing beats the Hyrdroclean Hard Floor Vacuum and Washer that does it all in one easy step (no spray bottles, mops, buckets, or cloths!).   

Visit to learn more about how to clean, sanitize and disinfect your property. 

Order More Towels 

You can never have enough towels — not only for guestrooms but especially for the pool where guests tend to hoard towels. Wrap your guests in the softness of Sanibel pool and spa towels. These absorbent towels are bleach and chlorine safe, while also coming in seven different colors. Once delivered, Sanibel towels are already pre-washed and ready to use. Remember to hang signs that ask guests to throw them in the towel caddy when done. 

Prepare The Outdoor Areas 

It’s time to pull extra pool and deck furniture out from storage for an inspection and deep cleaning as more guests might want to enjoy the outdoor areas. Make sure there’s plenty of shade as sun-shy folks with a selection of umbrellas and bases, according to style, color, and durability. Better yet, add small side tables or larger dining tables so guests can set down their food, drinks, or personal items as they relax. 

Share Sustainable Messaging and Practices 

Spring break or not, more and more travelers are booking hotels based on their sustainability practices. It’s valuable for your hotel to display and share third-party sustainability certifications or details about impactful practices across your property, website, and social media.   

Add sustainability messaging in guest rooms to encourage the reuse of towels and sheets to save water. An influx of guests means more water usage across all hotel operations. Consider adding WaterSense plumbing fixtures, which reduce water usage by at least 20%. Explore Guest Supply’s range of sustainable products to boost your brand’s message and practice in protecting the environment.  

Create a Peaceful Sleep Environment 

Ensure each guest has a positive spring break experience, starting with a good night’s rest. Building upon a comfortable mattress should be a high-quality mattress pad, soft bed linens, fluffy pillows, and a cozy duvet. Consider adding a sound machine to each guest room for those who may have trouble falling asleep (especially when the hotel is buzzing with life). White noise masks sound from other rooms, hallways, or outside while also helping to minimize stress and anxiety for those who experience difficulty sleeping.  

Guest Supply offers a range of products to help your hotel prepare for a high volume of guests. Browse cleaning supplies, linens and towels, furniture, personal care amenities, electronics, sustainable products, and more for the world’s most beloved brands.

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