Hospitality Trends to Incorporate in 2020

With digital advances and breakthrough technologies constantly being released into the market comes a change in guest expectations and desires while traveling. Technology and a focus on sustainability are perhaps the two largest factors affecting the current trends and changes in guests’ interests and expectations.

Competitiveness in the hospitality industry is at an all-time high, making it crucial to stay ahead of the game, so if you plan on making any design, marketing or operational changes to your hotel, start with these top trends to help you plan for a successful start in the new decade.

Tech-driven customer experience

In recent years, technology has found its place in our homes. From artificial intelligence to virtual reality and facial recognition, the average American uses at least one smart home feature in their home. It only makes sense for travelers to have similar expectations of the hotels they stay with while away from home. A great place to start is with smart thermostats. Not only do these thermostats allow guests to control the rooms temperature schedule, but they are also a great way to cut down on energy costs. Other trending hotel technologies include smart speakers, keyless entry pads, smart TVs and even mobile check-in.

Embracing Social Media

If you aren’t consistently marketing your brand on social media, you may be missing out on thousands of potential bookings. With millennials dominating the travel market, most travelers turn to a brand’s social media profiles before the website to get a feel for a particular brand and the experience they will have. This is why it is crucial to consistently offer captivating content to your audience. Your social pages are a great way to begin casual conversation with your followers/ potential guests. Share snapshots of holiday events, local attractions and hotel amenities to capture attention and grow your brand’s online presence.

Eco-Consciousness and Sustainability

As society has become more educated on ways to take better care of the planet, people are becoming more eco-conscious and focusing on ways to live a greener lifestyle. Becoming a pioneer in sustainable hotel practices will show guests that your brand is in line with their own personal beliefs and has taken up a responsibility to fight against global warming. Simple ways to operate more sustainably include incorporating a water conservation program and adding motion sensors throughout your property to conserve energy. Many hotels are now encouraging guests to reuse their towels and even request that bed linens be changed less frequently to reduce energy and water waste.

Local/Cultural Experiences

The modern traveler is shifting away from the expected experience when visiting a new city. Travelers still want to visit historical sites and destinations, but they also want the real experience of the places they visit – the locals’ experience. Who better to give travelers local information than your property? From advertising cultural festivals to recommending locally owned shops and restaurants, show guests your authenticity from the minute they check in. Whether you curate a travel guide or collaborate with local small businesses to promote an event, your guests will appreciate staying somewhere that goes the extra mile to ensure guests find that immersive experience they crave.

Get a head start and incorporate any and all of these trending practices in hospitality for a successful start of the decade and exciting future of travel.


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