An Easier Property Opening

Trouble-free launches are the result of Guest Supply’s New Hotel Opening Program (NHOP). From start to finish, a full-spectrum solution is provided for every area of the hotel. Having all essential functional furniture and equipment for each new build/property allows companies to streamline their grand entrance with the NHOP. Face-to-face support with the largest sales team in the industry means Guest Supply provides consultants who are invested in your daily success and are with you during every step of your new property journey. Guest Supply has a three-step approach to figure out which products are needed and get deliveries there on time, making openings as stress-free as possible.

Expect Guest Supply to:

  • Visit your property onsite
  • Get involved with daily needs and concerns
  • Learn about your goals and future projects

Guest Supply’s team efforts allow more than one territory manager to be assigned for a smarter level of service. The strength of many acts as one for continued success for new and established businesses. Each territory manager is supported by a customer service group and product category specialists who are experts in the industry and trends. Each full-spectrum solution is based on in-depth research and to help properties offer the most memorable guest experiences while also being compliant with chain standards. Guest Supply’s ordering system is filtered for brands, showing only the products that comply for each one.

Detailed planning and exceptional project management go into opening new builds, renovations and conversions. Dedicated back-end operations and logistics support, help with financial planning, ensure the accuracy of orders, and provide on-site support during the start-up deliveries offer a blueprint for success. Customers can follow along with Milestone Calendars and user-friendly Opening Order Guides.

Case Study

In 2017, Guest Supply met with Cory and Neal Jackson, owners of Jackson Hospitality, at their Hampton Inn in Leeds, Alabama, to present management group capabilities and furniture, fixtures and equipment. With a focus on streamlining projects and bringing value to guests, innovative products were demoed and purchased on site. Guest Supply secured a quote that was on time and under the initial budget, which laid the groundwork for a partnership that exceeded expectations. Only eight vendors were used when completing the build, setting new standards on how large projects can been managed.

Guest Supply’s team has the knowledge and experience to get your new property up and running quickly and efficiently. Speak with one of our sales team members to plan a stress-free launch.

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