The Impact of Artwork in Hospitality

Art plays an important role in our history and everyday lives. It’s rare to walk into a friend’s home, office, or restaurant without seeing artwork on display. The power of art is very influential and can increase a hotel’s revenue if done properly.

How Art Therapy Benefits Hotel Employees and Guests

There’s a reason why hospital corridors are adorned with paintings of subjects like the ocean, beach and flowers. According to a study conducted by the Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center’s Arts for Health Department, patients began feeling more comfortable and at home once calming artwork was placed in their hospital rooms, and even felt that they started to receive better care from the nurses. Aesthetically pleasing decor is also placed in spas and throughout hotels to help create a relaxed state of mind.

Give Exposure to Local Artists and Community

In the era of experiential guests, hospitality brands are realizing they need to focus on their guests’ overall experience. The modern traveler enjoys finding activities and excursions that will help them experience a new place like a local. If you can give your guests a taste of your city before they even venture out, you are sure to expect a return visit or recommendation. Using your hotel as a space to showcase local and emerging talents is something guests will enjoy, as it can help them have a better understanding of cultural and regional style.

Strengthen Your Branding

Maintain strong branding through the display of artwork that reflects your brand. A great example of using art in this way is perhaps the most famous hotel on the Las Vegas strip – Caesar’s Palace. When you walk into the lobby of this luxurious hotel and casino you can immediately guess which Las Vegas hotel it is by just looking around at the art, murals and sculptures. With such strong attention to classic Roman art, it’s no wonder Caesar’s Palace is one of the most well known and easily recognizable hotels in the world.

At Guest Supply, we have a large variety of artwork styles that can work with any business to strengthen its brand identity. Talk to your territory manager and let them help you find the perfect art pieces for your establishment.

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