Protection Solutions to Keep Your Guests and Your Staff Safe

Protection is key not only for guests, but staff within your properties. As guests are returning to your hotels, it is essential that you are taking the appropriate measures to protect your staff in this pandemic environment.

Our product solutions will ensure you have the right PPE items and dispensing systems to keep staff safe and efficient throughout all of the jobs and tasks that are needed to keep your hotel running clean and safe.

Reusable Masks

Innovative 2-ply and 3-ply reusable masks with antimicrobial technology.

Disposable Masks

3-ply and KN-95 masks in stock and ready to ship.

Bowman Cough Stations and PPE Dispensers

Organize your personal protective equipment and sanitizers in an attractive dispensing system for any area of your hotel.

Hand Sanitizer Dispensers 

Touchless dispensers for all areas of the hotel.

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