Introducing a New Level of Bed Bug Protection Exclusively from Manchester Mills

Guest Supply is excited to introduce Manchester Mills’ newest innovation in mattress protection: PROTECT360° and SIMPLICITY. These encasements take protection to the next level with built in Microban® antimicrobial technology while providing superior bed bug protection. The fabric has Viral Penetration Protection, providing a barrier against viruses and is also bed bug penetration proof to protect your investment and your guests.


Protect360° mattress encasements offer a cleaner, safer sleep experience. Safeguard your most expensive investment and reassure your guests with Microban® antimicrobial technology and the patent pending entry and escape proof triple bed bug lock. The Prima knit fabric sleeps quiet, is bed bug bite proof and is laminated for durability and viral penetration protection.




Bed bug protection doesn’t stop at the mattress. The box spring is a favorite hiding place for bed bugs. Simplicity box spring encasements enhance your bed bug protection with the same patent pending entry and escape proof triple bed bug lock as Protect360°, providing guests a comfortable and secure sleep experience.



Keeping budget top of mind is imperative in today’s environment. We are excited to introduce the PROTECT 360º Basic encasements line as amore economical alternative that still offers the essential features. This economical Microban® antimicrobial protection option also features the patent pending entry and escape proof triple bed bug lock and guards your mattress from bed bugs and stains.

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