How to Improve the Hotel Experience for Guests with Disabilities


Accessibility is more than complying with codes and regulations; it’s also about making sure every guest feels safe, comfortable, and welcomed at your hotel. About 26% of adults (1 in 4) in the United States have a disability that affects major life activities, according to the Centers for Disease Control; the disability may include hearing, vision, mobility, or cognition.

With that knowledge, the overall hospitality experience should strive to care for all guests equally. We already covered how to assess if your hotel is compliant with the current Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Codes and Regulations, so let’s take it a step further to understand how to improve and create an inclusive hotel experience for all.

Develop a user-friendly booking experience

The first step toward inclusivity is developing a website that is optimized for guests with visual or hearing impairments. That means the website text size can be adjusted, alt text is added to images, keyboard navigation is in place, and videos have subtitles, among other website optimizations. (Incorporating online accessibility features also makes your hotel website SEO friendly too.) All potential guests should be able to clearly understand what your hotel offers and understand accessibility features throughout the property. That way, they’re prepared upon arrival. And you’re prepared for them.

Employing a properly trained staff goes a long way

When your hotel staff is trained thoroughly, they will exhibit confidence to provide assistance to all guests and communicate with care. Upon training, make sure employees know where to find ADA room kits and how to operate each device. Staff who go the extra mile will also provide a tour of the lobby, pool, and guest room for those who require it. Employees who understand that everyone should be treated equally and as a priority are valuable to your hotel experience.

Personalize the guest experience to let them know you care

Personalizing the guest experience doesn’t have to be complicated. It can be as simple as sharing insider tips about the neighborhood or leaving a handwritten note in their room. For instance, hotel policy should welcome service dogs without extra fees. Take it a step further by offering a pet-friendly environment with amenities such as waste bag capsules, pet-friendly wipes, dog treats, pet beds, lint rollers, and water bowls. Small gestures and direct communication go a long way.

Arrange guest rooms thoughtfully

Making physical adjustments throughout the hotel is standard to accommodate guests with disabilities. But a thoughtfully designed room goes the extra mile to improve the overall hotel experience for those with audio, visual, mobility, or sensory disabilities. Arrange furniture in a way that makes sense for the guest, while not blocking power outlets or thermostats. Guest Supply offers a range of budget-friendly ADA room kits that ensure your property provides comfort, safety, and the best guest experience.

Provide simple and economical solutions for communication

The ADA is the bare minimum for hotels and acknowledges that some implementations come with a hefty price tag that may be out of budget for a hotel or establishment. Guest Supply partnered with CompuTTY by Krown Manufacturing to provide hotels with simple and economical solutions for communication within all accessible guestrooms. With a variety of ADA compliance guest room kits to choose from, we can supply your property with everything you need to ensure your place of lodging complies with all current codes and regulations…all while going the extra mile to make everyone feel cared for.

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