Scrub Daddy® Sponges and Erasers

Scrub Daddy® Sponges feature ergonomic design with innovative technologies that work together to deliver superior cleaning power. Texture changing, non-toxic and scratchfree smiling scrubbers are the smart solution for kitchen and bathroom cleaning. Odor resistant and dual-use design is perfect for delicate applications as well as heavy-duty jobs.

Plus, sponges are hygienic and safe as they are all individually wrapped. Cleaning tasks such as stuck-on, burnt messes, countertops, microwaves, refrigerators, bathroom cleaning and more is a breeze with this family of sponges.


  • Hygienic – safe, individually wrapped sponges
  • Changes Texture – Firm in cold water, soft in warm
  • Odor Resistant – No smell for 8 weeks, lab tested
  • Doesn’t scratch – Safe on over 25 common surfaces


Scrub Mommy Essentials®

Perfect size for kitchen and kitchenette and Extended Stay. Also may be used as a guest giveaway.


Scour Daddy® 

Removes stuck-on and even burnt messes. Use on everything from oven racks to cast iron pans.


Sponge Daddy® 

Perfect for counter tops, mirrors, microwaves, and refrigerators.


Eraser Daddy 10X® 

Perfect for tubs, tiles, walls, door frames, switch plates, baseboard, cabinetry and more.

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