Ready for New Televisions at Your Property?

Long gone are the days of simply plugging in a tube television to the wall and placing it upon a wooden chest of drawers or inside a bulky television cabinet. Nowadays, sleek minimalistic designs are in – not only for furniture, but for televisions as well. There’s just something about a flat-screen floating off the wall that screams “luxury!”

It may be time to give your guestroom aesthetic a minor update by installing sleek and modern televisions for your guests to enjoy. The process can oftentimes be messy and time consuming. Without a professional, modern day television equipment can be difficult to install and may even result in damage to your equipment and/or walls. Knowing where to find a television supplier as well as reliable and qualified technicians in your area can be both challenging and stressful.

Let Guest Supply handle the entire process and ease your worries. We make television installation quick and easy with our certified, professional installation technicians. Services range from unpacking and assembly to mounting, programming and removal of old televisions and equipment. The new televisions will be ready to use upon installation, with minimal impact on guest room availability.

Meet the Truck Service:

  • Unload and Distribute
  • Unpack, Assemble, Install
  • Secure Television
  • Setup and Program
  • Removal of Packaging and old Television

White Glove Service:

  • Meet the Truck Services Included
  • System Overview

Give your guests the room experience they deserve and allow Guest Supply to make it a reality. Contact your local territory manager to get started.

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